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20 best things to do in hong kong

hong kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an amazing place with unbelievable attractions, which are gorgeous with its uniqueness. Millions of visitors spend here holiday  according to their best suitable time of the year. You will have endless exploration. Hong kong cannot be explained in words. Every one must experience things here once in a life for sure, its attractions, beauty and adventures. You cannot call the city is of glass and steel with commercial look. This flows in culture, business, travel, adventures, enjoyment and all kind of entertainments with also relaxation side of life. It will be more easy and best if you take local guide with you to check out the places with detailized knowledge. although in hong kong there are numerous places to visit and have fun. But some selected are here. 20 best things to do in hong kong

  1. choose tram for Victoria peak

In Hong Kong For having clear scene of city skyline Victoria peak is the best place to have time as its height is 552 meters. On hong  kong island this is hugest place have charming view of city and feel the fresh air in sky lap. To reach here there we have to take 125 year old tram which’s experience is breathtaking with its magnificent view of beauty. This trip is of 8 minutes covering scenic shots of island, gorgeous tree , walking paths and of course nature itself! If the weather is good they view of city in night is more charming and fascinating, that you would love to stay there for hours. Prefer Star Ferry to enjoy mesmerising the view of the skyline of Victoria Harbor. Hong Kong

  2. Get Onto The Star ferry

It is like old tradition which is used by passengers to cover distance from hong kong to Kowloon and then back since 1888. This star ferry is very popular in the city to enjoy view of skyline of Victoria harbour. Its shortest travel is of 7 minutee. You can embark on a trip from Tsim Sha Tsui Pier on the Kowloon Peninsula to either its Central Pier or Wan Chai Pier on the Hong Kong Island side. The shortest voyage takes about 7 minutes and costs US$0.25. you can enjoy the light show form the ferry it is mesmerising. And it soothing to float on calm water in night to check the views of many skyscrapers structures.

  3. Relish To The Temple Street Market

 Every city has its local charm which is also a major attraction for tourist to check out the local life in Hong Kong. Temple Street is famous for its local stuff and people. Thing can check out here are different local foods, watches, clothes, antiques. Street singers and many mor. It is world visiting to the street markets. Here is one curious corner which attracts many tourists which is  “fortune teller” in this market. Our advice to explore this market with enough of time.

  4. Tsim Shat Sui Promenade.

It is place to enjoy the mesmerising views of hong kong skyline and Victoria harbour. This Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is along the tip of Kowloon’s waterfront. the Clock Tower, Hong Kong Space Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art and Star Ferry Terminal are located near the promenade.

  5.enjoy dim sum in local restaurant

When you are craving for food or not but surely try the Dim sum. They are cooked with special way which is like steamed in advance in bamboo baskets and and served with special sauces. Mouth Watering. Dim sum dishes have diversity here food joints offer always many different dishes for customers. As variety to choose many options like steamed pork dumplings (siu mei), steamed pork dumplings (siu mei), shrimp dumplings (har gau), spring rolls and many more

  6. Tram“Ding Ding” To Sightseeing

Riding in the tram to city sightseeing is actually very good feeling as u go slow with actual inner central view of city. It tells you everything one by one. It is been a century since time tram began in hong kong. People call it Ding Ding. I am sure you will be surprised to see and enjoy it. It is very economical to ride in tram.

  7. Trip To Macau

Are you found of gambling and Portuguese buildings and different kind of foods then macau awaits you. You can go there by ferry. It is around an hour awa. It is called world’s biggest gambling city. Here people win, of course loose too you can try your luck.

  8. Lantau Island

In hong kong it is lagest island. This island is all about mountains, hiking and biking trails and of course natural parkland. People come here for relaxation, outdoor adventures and sightseeing with much more. Here popular attractions are such as Tai O – a fishing village with waterways, stilt houses & fishing boats.

Disneyland – world of fairy tale with majestic Disney attractions, quality shops, restaurants and many more.

Po Lin Monastery – The monastery has one of the biggest bronze statues of Buddha in a sitting position in the world.

  9. Repulse Bay

The name “Repulse Bay” is connected to the 19th century battle where british soldiers repulsed attacking pirates. Nowadays Repulse Bay is a luxurious residential area. It is very popular.

  10. Jade Market

You definitely would have heard about unique ornamental stone. Hong kong is biggest market for jade. Numerous shades & qualities of jade are sold here. Products you will find are, like jade animals, jade Buddha statues and jade rings. Many visitor buy Special jade souvenirs to take home as a memory of the place……..

  11. Lan Kwai Fong

Oh my GOD. This is night place boss. If you love to go to club then this place is for you. Here it is considered that night is always vibrant & smashing here as it is centre of clubs, bars and restaurants. Here you will experience variety of bars, restaurants, with different level of foods

  12. Hollywood Road

Hollywood Road is an open air market which is good for visitors who love to shop gifts, souvenirs, many more. Here you will find numerous unique kind of things to buy, like ming dynasty furniture, lotus lamps, mao badges and ancient sniff bottles.

  13. Hong Kong Wet Land Park

This park is all about wildlife like dragonflies, mammals, butterflies, reptiles, amphibians, birds. This wet land park is facilitated with world class ecotourism which sets example for green tourism  and education on environmental protection.

  14. Stanley Market & Murray House

It is place where you can bargain well before buying the things. In other words it is called market of bargain which makes it famous Stanley Market. It is very relaxing place too as it is connected to sea. Here you can buy things like Chinese costume jewelry, garments, sportswear, silk, art, and. Here you enjoy food of different variety in any of  restaurants like Murray house.

  15. Temple Street Night Market

You will find this market a very busy market in night in the territory of Jordan & Yau Ma Tei in Kowloon. It will be good to have a look around as very interesting things are present here. It is popular to both locals & tourists.

  16. Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple is very famous temple of  Hong Kong. Here you will find Locals & tourists who pray and mediate here in the temple. This temple is dedicated to the Great Immortal Wong. People make wishes and when wishes come true then they return to thank Immortal.

  17. Ladies Street

No one can forget about this street if any lady accompanies you then this market is for them. Everyone would love to come here. It is very famous street. It is a worth visit place shoppers with bargaining advantage. Things which can be bought here are like accessories, household products, toys, cosmetics, bags and clothing.

  18. Avenue of stars

It is said that for paying the tribute to amazing professionals of Hong Kong’s film industry, around HK$40 million was spent for the making of the Avenue of Stars. It is great place to experience. We assure you will be really happy to visit this place. Avenue of Stars is located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront

  19. Ocean park

This theme park is an Ocean park which is hong kong’s biggest one. You will find here acrobatic sea mammals, different sea creatures, pandas. There is sky tram to check out the view. This place is full of joy rides and of course roller coaster along with breathtaking and fearful rides. Your kids will not let you go without enjoying the rides.

  20. Symphony of lights

This is an outstanding show where World’s largest permanent light and sound can be experienced. It is also in records of Guinness World Record. This spectacular show is well connected to lights and music that it depicts the energy, positivity, spirit of the city. It starts daily to night at 8pm


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