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Lifetime Ultimate Ten Canadian Landmarks


Canadian Landmarks  oh, Canada! This cosmopolitan country embeds rich heritage of French and British colonial aspects. Therefore, its national language is both English and French. This is one of the most loved and traveled destinations, as this place has a lot to offers then just brands and sceneries. Being in Canada is like being in two countries altogether. Nature and landscapes and ultra-modernization that appeals numberless visitors every year.  Here is the list of the top attractions that you shouldn’t miss it no matter what. – Canadian Landmarks  (You will love to check out about maldives)

1.  Moraine Lake – Canadian LandmarksCanadian Landmarks

The most photographed lake, probably a wallpaper of many nature lovers. In Banff National Park, Moraine Lake situated in western Canada, surrounded by the mountains of Alberta. This beautiful glacier beholds the beauty of the Ten Peaks stands 6183 feet tall. This view of one of Canadian Landmarks can be found in an old 20$ Canadian dollar bill, thus this valley also known as twenty Dollar view. The Rockpile Trail is the most popular tourist spot, the enchanting beauty of the landscapes, lakes, and valleys are just unexplainable. You won’t be able to get this place out of your head for days and that’d be for good reasons. –  Canadian Landmarks  (You will love to check out about dubai)

2.    Vieux-Quebec

Canadian Landmarks

This Vieux-Quebec also was known as an old Quebec situated in the historic district in Quebec City. This one of Canadian Landmarks is also famous for Saint Louis Fort founded by the French explorer Samuel de Champlain in 1608. This place I heavily guarded both French and the British military, this place is highly European style shopping on Rue Saint-Jean as today it is a tourist district with numbers of boutiques and many picturesque views. So, if you wish for a good profile picture as with spectacular background, this place is perfect for such consideration. This place attracts lots of crowd on daily basis. That is why it is one of 10 Canadian Landmarks (Check out about PARIS also)

3.    The Canadia

Canadian Landmarks

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Tourists looking for some convenient and comfortable way to travel across Canada, trains might be the best option for that as the trains here connects Toronto and Vancouver. This ride is the world famous as it travels across the lakes of northern Ontario, Jasper Park one of the Canadian Rockies, the Prairie Provinces etc. This is main reason for us to pick it to our list of Canadian Landmarks. The length of this journey is about 3 days connecting two cities at the stretch of 4,466 km. The modernization of this train makes the journey even more enjoyable. –  Canadian Landmarks

4. Niagara Fall is best of Canadian Landmarks

Canadian Landmarks

The world has the misconception that Niagara fall is a part of America, but apparently, the fall is divided into three parts that cross amid the borders America and Canada. The largest fall, namely horseshoe I located in Canada, Whereas American and Bridal is on the US side. Which makes it one of best Canadian Landmarks. All these three falls jointly have a higher flow rate than any other waterfall in the world. The uncountable visitors and tourist witnesses such awe-inspiring view. – Canadian Landmarks  (Check out about PARIS also)

5. Churchill

Canadian Landmarks

Churchill one of the Canadian Landmarks, is one of the smallest towns on the Hudson Bay shore, with the population of not more than 1000 residents. This nice and quiet place allures the visitors and tourists in the large amount, as this place offers the eyeful view of very extinct polar bears, because of which this place is appellate as the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Thus, this place is one of the most traveled destinations in Canada. And that’s not it, there’s more about this tiny yet dynamic little town, Churchill attracts natural beauty, wildlife as much as people are attracted to its, birding, watching beluga Whales, and the aurora Borealis. If you’re a nature lover and prefers rustic grounds and splendid beauty this place is for you. – Canadian Landmarks

6. Athabasca Falls

Canadian Landmarks

Canada’s rockiest mountain’s Jasper National Park in the Alberta province. The world famous Athabasca Fall is the most splendid and picturesque place, hence probably be the wallpaper of many.  This one of Canadian Landmarks pulls crowd of picnic. The rugged mountains, beautiful glacier, alpine meadows and broad valleys, etc. are all the composite part of the valley. If you are in Canada and haven’t visited this place yet, then I’m afraid you have definitely missed the biggest part of Canada. – Canadian Landmarks  (Also see about SINGAPORE)

7. Bay of Fundy – Canadian Landmarks

Canadian Landmarks

When we talk about tides, then we couldn’t miss talking about The Bay of Fundy, situated on the Atlantic coast. It is famous for its tremendously high tidal range. It is one of  awesome Canadian Landmarks because of its exclusive shape, the water level difference can be measured up to 52 feet. Something you haven’t seen in your life, all the info about it can be gained from this place. One can stand on the Hopewell Rocks, and summarize the view. – Canadian Landmarks  (Check out about PARIS also)

8. Victoria’s Inner Harbor 6 – Canadian Landmarks

Canadian Landmarks

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Another must visit place in Canada, in the list of  Canadian Landmarks, is Victoria Inner Harbor, this place is known for its scenery view and also for establishing beautiful state government building, which as the water run on one side and buildings is on the other. As Victoria has been the capital of British Columbia. This city also conducts the classic boat festival in September on Labor Day, where the most of this place is being occupied by wooden boats, and tour can be completed by on kayaks or simple boats. This tour may consume the most of your time, so better to make it more memorable by paying a visit to the Empress Hotel, for the cup of traditional British tea. This hotel has been Victoria’s landmark since the early 1900s. – Canadian Landmarks (Also see about SINGAPORE)

 9. Calgary Stampede

Canadian Landmarks

For the world famous rodeos, the Calgary Stampede is the place. It engram takes back to the ancestor of traveling Wild West of the late 1800s and early 1900s. The stampede has progressed over the years, that today the winning prize is up to $2 millions, for which the best professional cowboys compete with each other. Because of its famous status it comes in Canadian Landmarks. Here carnival also includes the traditional delicacies, dancing, music and live concerts, this festive is organized every year, in July for not more than ten days, but it is proclaimed to be the ‘best outdoor show’ in the world. Who would miss such event? – Canadian Landmarks  (Check out about SINGAPORE also)

10. Gros Morne National Park

Canadian Landmarks

Geologically speaking Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland is one the most important place in the world. Mainly because scientists have found traces in this region that elaborate the whole process of formations of oceans and continents. The Gulf of St. Lawrence and alpine setting of the Long Range Mountains in this place would make any nature lover go crazy, as there is an amalgamation of both nature and wildlife, from tiny sparrows to gigantic whales and rare species of bears, deer and moose can be spotted. In winters the exquisite ski experience will make you want to take another tour. – Canadian Landmarks  (Check out about PARIS also)

Canada is a very developed country with one of the greatest presidents. The very futuristic, modern yet very particular about nature preservation. This place will make you lose yourself in the dreamy world of our own paradise. Which is pretty similar to this place. Even though Canada is the most underrated country of this world. But in reality, it has the ability to make into the list of top five.  It is the one the best place of natural beauty, for developing the business, and also for settling down. – Canadian Landmarks

These Canadian landmarks are visited by millions of people. Canada is very mesmerising place which expresses its beauty and people who visit these Canadian Landmarks are fascinated towards them. During New Year and Cristmas you can experience huge rush to the places.

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