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Apple iPhone 7 reviews :-Buy Now  iphone 7 Quickly

The Apple has launched it’s most awaited and a total to drool worthy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Apple has its reputation for one of the most promising phones of this generation, at the same time ready to burn a hole in one’s pocket. Having said that apple series have up till now  influenced the mobile market in such a way that a country like India with fluctuating economic, still, have the largest apple market. iPhone 7, does exactly what has always been expected, its price may be worth a lot, but it has the trust of Apple.

Upgradation :-Buy Now  iphone 7 Quickly

With this new launch, couple of things that got upgraded too, this includes high professional mode camera that works as a miracle in the dim light, which is 12MP for clear and magnificent photos and for the great selfies with 4 different LED lights. The real game-changer, though, is on the 7 Plus and its two lenses. Lens one is the same as that on the iPhone 7, but lens two is telephoto – which has a longer focal length, magnifying the image. These two cameras work together to produce optical zoom – something that is lacking in other iPhones before.

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Look wise there is literally no discernible difference, only its back tells the difference between 6 series and 7 as the camera is noticeably bigger. It comes in the same 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes, has the same button layout, and the same curves. Other than that it has jet black matt finish back cover, for exquisite royal taste, which is of course very much prone to scratches, so for its prevention, it is recommended to use case or cover.

But the most talked about feature and the really revolutionary step is that it is without a headphone jack, this innovatory idea of Apple AirPods, that means no more tangled wires, yet expensive and possibility of losing them is too damn high. Its 3D touch and water-resistant technology is pretty amazing too.

All in all, just for those who keep on updating their iPhones, this is a must have. It surely does have many new features and its jet black color shows its classy statement and rich taste.


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