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These Top 10 Dubai Landmarks can make you crazy

Dubai Landmarks

Amazing Dubai and Dubai Landmarks the most enticing and epicure places which are ideal for spending some quality time with family and friends. Charming Dubai is one of the richest places in the world. Dubai is famous for westernization and luxurious lifestyle; their central support system is oil resources. Apart from progressive business ethics, Dubai is also known for being the safest and very admiring sights that attract numberless visitors and tourist every year. From The clear blue sky and a little rain to walking on pristine sandy beaches, from shopping in Versace, Prada, and Dior to tasting local traditional gourmet food: Dubai has it all even more. And that’s what make it a fun family trip that would worth every penny. checkout the Dubai Landmarks Also read why is canada preferred holiday destinations?

Here is the list of Dubai Landmarks that one should try to check out at least once in the lifetime.

1. Burj Khalifa One Of Main Dubai Landmarks

Dubai Landmarks

The Jewel of Dubai, 828 meters tall, the finest example of man-made creation. This Burj Khalifa is the center of attraction of the Middle East. This gem stand erect covers most of the region of Dubai, this structure is located in Downtown Dubai, is the best place to start the tour of Dubai. Its beauty comprehends the exceptional artistry, the top of this building unveils the sight of the beautiful city’s skyline and transcend its limit. The experience of standing on the top of this building will give you the most exquisite pleasure of living. This place is highly recommended for all the travellers out there. – Dubai Landmarks Also read why is canada preferred holiday destinations?

2. Palm Jumeirah Overview –  Dubai Landmarks

Dubai Landmarks

The Palm Jumeirah is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This famous man-made island exhibits EVERYTHING from hotels to adventurous sports to shopping malls to affluent beach resorts, literary everything. why is it called one of the best Dubai Landmarks? the reason is its uniqueness you will not find structure like this anywhere else in the world.  This extraordinary man-made archipelago island holds many activities for the tourist to make their stay even more enjoyable and memorable.  A man-made archipelago is the newest bait for travelers, as it has stolen the limelight from all the attraction in Dubai. – Dubai Landmarks

3. Dubai Museum Overview – Dubai Landmarks

Dubai Landmarks

This museum of Dubai will surely take you back to the time for the more traditional Dubai, to the history which many of us are not aware of. Here in one of the Dubai Landmarks you will find The historical journey over the ages, the development and the making of Dubai which we know of today, everything that a tourist look for, this museum provides every information that is needed to know. This Museum AL Fahidi fort stand on a desert is an exquisite example of architecture and royalty that Dubai is famous for. – Dubai Landmarks

4. Jumeirah Mosque Overview – Dubai Landmarks

Dubai Landmarks

Dubai is the largest and evidently most important part of UAE. Jumeirah Mosque has its religious significance, the real insights of Islamic religion and its culture can be found. The beautiful architect of this mosque is totally breathtaking. The tour of this place will leave with the enchanting experience. The serenity of this place is worth experiencing.  Although due to certain rules women needs to cover their entire body before visiting this mosque. This is one of the marvelous landmarks in the world. – Dubai Landmarks

5. Atlantis Palm Jumeirah Overview – Dubai Landmarks

Dubai Landmarks

If you’re a resident of Atlantis Palm Jumeirah, you must have already explored this place for free, if you are a visitor/tourist this extravagant place will give you the most enriching experience of your life  at this place known for the best hotel and its accommodation, that would undoubtedly make a hole in your pocket but that’s totally worth it. This hotel is more than just a place to live and dine, but it also offers tons of alluring attractions, there are river rides, shark safari, feeding the fishes and for more entertainment, at the Lost Chamber  Aquarium, there Aqua theater. Besides that, you can also dive and snorkel there. The place is great for all kinds of water adventures. Don’t forget to bring home the souvenirs for the people at home. – Dubai Landmarks Also read why is canada preferred holiday destinations?

6. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Overview – Dubai Landmarks

Dubai Landmarks

Love to scuba diving in a deep bottomless sea? This place offers everything related to deep blue seas adventures, swim with sharks; go for a glass bottom boat ride and experience close encounter with sharks, talk to dolphins and endless fish species can be found in this place. This place has distinct kinds of fishes from lionfish to caiman crocodile to horrifying giant spider crabs and many more rare spices, all at one place. This underwater zoo is the must-visit-place in your checklist. – Dubai Landmarks Also read why is canada preferred holiday destinations?

7. SEGA Republic Overview – Dubai Landmarks

Dubai Landmarks

One of the best things about being optimistic is that they always find their way to be cheerful; this one is the greatest and explored a place in Dubai that suits every mood of yours. This place is best for adventurous people, and also for non-adventurous people, Dubai can never disappoint anyone. The Sega Republic that will make you all set for Adrenaline rush, the rides there would make you want to scream top of your lungs, the rides like Strom-G, Initial D4 limited, After Burning Climax, Spine Gear etc. surely not meant faint hearted. This place also got something stored for less adventurous people, for example, there is Outrun 2special Tours SDX, SEGA UFO Cather,  Whopper Water, Sonic hopper etc. So, its whole family package. Hurry packs your bags. – Dubai Landmarks

8. Ski Dubai Overview – Dubai Landmarks

Dubai Landmarks

Dubai in the true sense is an ultimate tourist destination, Ski Dubai is one of the Dubai Landmarks in the Middle East, it is the first ever indoor ski that uses up to 60k tons of snow for the ultimate fun, be it summer or winters here snow never melts. Throw snowballs at each other or indulge yourself in tobogganing, ski, or make a snowman. And themed restaurants like Avalanched Café, St Moritz Café, and pro snow gift shop etc. there’s something for everyone. – Dubai Landmarks  Also read why is canada preferred holiday destinations?

9. iFLY Dubai Overview – Dubai Landmarks


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Flying makes everything better, have you ever thought that what it’s like to live if gravity doesn’t exist?. There is a wonderful place in Dubai, where you don’t have to imagine anymore i.e. iFLy Dubai. Where you don’t feel the ground and you will literally float in the air, something everyone at certain age must have thought of. Some of us must have even tried. This place is highly advanced in technology. As it is the first double vertical wind tunnel in the world acquired most experienced technicians.  And would make anybody ‘fly’ under their supervision. Which is safe for every age group and anybody could experience what it’s like to be a bird. This place will definitely make you sing ‘never been so high’. – Dubai Landmarks

10. Ferrari World Overview – Dubai Landmarks

Dubai Landmarks

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Are you Ferrari enthusiastic? And ever wonder what it’s like to live in the palace of Ferrari? This unique grandeur of surrealism and the awesomeness of Abu Dhabi, that when it comes to astonishment, it’s never let you down. Yes, there is an actual place in Dubai that makes your dream come true. The world’s largest theme park, the Ferrari world, this amusement park offers all kinds of adventures. And one of the biggest attractions in Dubai. One of the best and most recommended gateways of Abu Dhabi. – Dubai Landmarks

This place would make your child go nuts. They offer all kinds of racing games like- Scuderia Challenge, Formula Rossa, GT challenge etc. All in the junior Grand Prix.  And for adults. There is thrilling games zone that would change the experience of gaming. This next level real life game such as Fast lane, Speed magic, The Racing legends, Tyre twist, Made in Maranello and what not. The zest of life can be experienced here. Be my guest and experience this life changing experience. – Dubai Landmarks

Dubai is the perfect summer and winter break or for autumn vacations, or any time of the year. One doesn’t need an excuse for having an ideal getaway with family or friends. Dubai tourism delivers what it promises. You will always regret not planning it any sooner. – Dubai Landmarks Also read why is canada preferred holiday destinations?


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