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10 Awesome Ways To Deal With Energy Vampire Around You

Energy vampire
Energy vampire can spoil you

Energy vampire oh my god, Well, do have that one clumsy friend, who is pessimistic about everything. No matter how great you are dealing with your life, but after having a conversation with them, you started questioning everything including your very own existence. And at each time it gets worse and then there’s no escape of this unconstructive chain of thoughts that driven by my negative friend. But the main quest is always not yielding your optimism in front of such Energy vampire.  – Energy vampire

Energy vampire
Save yourself from Energy vampire

Here are few methods that could help you avoid you from self-destructive mode because of your friend as Energy vampire

1.Avoid them as they come league of Energy vampire

Zone out or ignore it as much as you can as it is Energy vampire. Cause highly stubborn people are really not capable of a change, but they determined to change you in their color. The Best thing one can do is to avoid. Better to steer clear of these negativities before it gets you.

 2.Stay aware from Energy vampire

Pessimism doesn’t come as a sudden, it is a result of continuity in failures one after the other. You can break the ice and helping them come out of their darkness, for that you yourself have to be strong headed when it is case of Energy vampire.  Because then only you will be able to get their heads instead they get in yours. So, it’s better to fully acknowledge what they have through that has made them so negative about life and everything.  There is no cure for an undiscovered illness.

3.Interrupt them

You would know when Energy vampire starts being negative; so in that case, try your best to cut the conversation short. And try to the emphasis on the positive side, the way you feel it right. Sometimes the disagreement is easier than a long, time-consuming discussion, proving who’s right and who’s not. Better to start another topic on which you both can agree.

4.Don’t play hard-to-get

Sometimes a simple smile can solve most of the problems. Smiling can always be a fruitful, especially when stuck in the argument with Energy vampire; a counterfeit smile can bring down the guards of your opponent. Needless to say but the confidences in your speech which will eventually make their heart melt and would make them back out of the argument.

5.Try to avoid any sort of conflicts with Energy vampire

Getting into an argument with Energy vampire is like inviting the bull to kill me. Yeah, it may get nasty. The discussion will always be spointless and always hit the moot point. They just love arguing. They will get you involved in miseries and self-loathing process as they already are. Don’t try to get them on your nerves. Always remember just because someone invites drama does not mean you need to RSVP. positive and encourage them to

Basically negative peoples’ lives in their bubble of negativity, nothing in their world are worth appreciating, nothing makes Energy vampire happy. Try to impart your positive vibes, but only to a certain point, mostly they won’t be interested and even if they would listen they won’t implement. And you would end up wasting your time and energy for nothing. You will leave exhausted.

Energy vampire
Say no to Energy vampire

7.Firm No – Sometimes it is ok to say no to Energy vampire

It’s only out of your ethics that wouldn’t give you on the people.  However, it’s never a good idea to lower your dignity for someone who can’t feel gratitude towards what you do. You should show Energy vampire the value to positivity and self-reliance, maybe that will change the way they look at the things, a mere spark of positivity will do, keep the hold on it.

8.Being a judgmental could be the least thing to do

They say laughter is contagious, so is the negative thinking.  Energy vampire mostly short tempered they get offended very easily, but judging them for their behavior will only demean your reputation. You would know what your friend had gone through, so, judging doesn’t make it any easier for them.

9.Never take seriously when it is about Energy vampire

Criticizing Energy vampire,  will only work like oil on fire, this will make them worse. But instead of that what you can do is zone out when in the in the conversation with them. The half listening will protect you from every kind of negative ideas. In that way, they won’t complain about the disruption of their

10.Be rigid for Energy vampire

Negative people are already living a demeaning hateful life, so that can’t stand that by any chance you are happy with yours. So, Energy vampire will try its best to get into your head and manipulate your thoughts. Try to remain to be discrete and strong. And don’t forget to nod every single time they give you some advice, try to be considerate but not actually considering.

People are different, that’s why they are difficult. The Situation and people have most of the effect on human nature. Weather is good or bad, depend upon what you are dealing with, that doesn’t give you the authority to judge anyone. Try to make them as much comfortable as you can, they are mostly in the need of love. And you never know they might actually start thinking straight all because of you. Wouldn’t that make you feel great?

keep your safety on priority always to be alert as well as perfect situation tackler. It will always happen that new and old energy vampires will emerge to your life again and again. So better be ready to deal with them

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