examples of infographics
examples of infographics

Examples of infographics are the representation of data using graphs, histograms, charts and images that display complete information in brief making the content eye-catchy and less time consuming grasping more of the viewers in short span of time.

“Effect to brain to the various examples of infographics is 90% more than that of text”

examples of infographics

One of the common examples of infographics is ISOTYPE (International System of TYpographic Picture Education).This is very similar to infographics in which it shows social, technological, biological and historical connections in pictorial form. It contains a set of instructions and various symbols to represent social-scientific data and combination of figures and diagram representing it. This example of infographics was once known as Vienna Method of Pictorial Statistics.

All the examples of infographics should represent the following from all the infographics:

  • complete information of data
  • Encourage the viewer to think about the product rather than it’s deign and various other attributes.
  • Avoid other distracting thinks and work to the point.
  • Present innumerable information in limited space.
  • Make data lucid and logical.
  • Integrate the statistical data as well as verbal description of data.

Precisely all the examples of infographics should represent the following:



There are various things need to keep in mind while using images as infographics so that it do not go in vein.

  1. CROPPING, ZOOMING AND FRAMING- This is done to focus important attributes of an image while eliminating all the distracting parts of an image. While cropping helps you to use any part of an image and then perform various changes on the cropped part.
  2. ADD TRANSLUCENT TEXT AND SHAPES- Adding a text on an image with transparent shape on it and bright colour makes your infographics more captivate and professional.
  3. IMAGES PIE CHART– A simple pie chart is more boring with data at its side is always ignored.   But if you incorporate images at the portion of presenting data is highly eye- catching.

“The processing of visual graphics to brains is 60,000 times faster”.


There are various divisions of these examples of infographics that are: bar graphs, histogram, pie chart, line chart and many more.

These charts are mostly representing the degree of temperature, population in a particular area and innumerable uses.

But if these all examples of infographics are incorporated with images and eye- catchy data, will make it more attractive for viewers and highly sharable.

Pictogram chart or pictogram graphs are one of those that help you to generate high quality infographics.

Pictograph has icons of images that set discrete images in each data making it easy to read for any age group, language. we can Present data  in either vertical form or horizontal form of graphs.


  • For large set of data as it is tough to count each set of icon.
  • Avoid Use of partial icons as it creates confuse on.


While starting with the flow viewers can confuse themselves from where to start. So to make it more effective and eye-catchy make certain points to make the viewer know from where to start.

As examples of infographics is all about converting long textual information and data in an easy readable format that is easy to understand and remember. This is highly shared of this characteristic, as they tend to explain high definitions and brand value.

Since, infographics are much labour-intensive and needs high potential to create so devote high quality time to make it as it is the deciding parameter for your website to generate high number of viewers.


The biggest subdivisions of all the examples of infographics are the maps. There are various types of maps and every subdivision of these examples of infographics has its own strengths in each field. These all examples of infographics can be merged together to generate a new example of infographics of maps.

This is how you can make examples of infographics of maps different from other examples of infographics of maps present.

  1. CHOROPLETH: This subdivision of examples of infographics of maps is used where you need to present different areas distinctly. With the use of “colours” or the per capita income of any area.
  2. SYMBOL: This sub category of examples of infographics of maps highly preferred.  As it provides a clear detail of everything in short. In this we use of small pie charts at different places in each category and regions To provide multiple data  And prevents from the long tabulation having multiple columns against each making. It complicates for the viewer to read so this example of infographics of maps is easy.
  3. PIN POINT: This sub division of examples of infographics of maps is more used in social networking sites. like twitter and Flickr photos making it famous.

ALL the above-mentioned examples of infographics are usable. While keeping in mind their use at appropriate place. Because of inappropriate use will make the viewer’s confuse. And providing them incorrect and incomplete information will be wrong.

The biggest use of all the examples of infographics is in the most growing field. Which is “data analytics” or “big data”. To analyse the scenario of a company that makes it easy to analyse thousands of data at a particular point of time.  keeping in mind the necessity of the viewer.  Each time you incorporate examples of infographics to your content it becomes different. – You may also like – 14 fantastic Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website


examples of infographics
examples of infographics

If you are not using these examples of infographics to your content. Or is unaware of these examples of infographics.  Then your content sharable will be less informative.

Using infographics have become in trends to explain the sense of matter. We also find it very useful. Infographics are actually very prominent part of articles nowadays.


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