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Find Out Goa Points Of Interest – Know Why 80% Indian Travellers Still Love Goa As Their Favorite Holiday Place

goa points of interest
goa points of interest

Before we start about Goa Points Of Interest. Let me express you – India is the harlequin of heritage, lifestyles and dazzling topographies. From snowy excavation, bountiful coasts, fascinating natural greenery to the obscure valleys of spirituality and blend of cultural shades that define lacerated beauty. India is captive for every tourist.

Goa has a chunk for every traveller. There is a lot to discuss and tell about goa points of interest. This city has something for all the people that visit here. Be the teenagers, youngsters or older ones whoever visit here never wants to leave this city and never go unsatisfied. The time spend in Goa are one of the most memorable moments of their life and they never forget this dazzling city and all goa points of interest

Discovering the various distinct of the multi coloured city as it moulds your perception at each and every step. Goa is blend of everything that one wants while going out for a trip. It not only comprises of beaches, the beautiful sceneries but also temples, churches and a place where you can enjoy and relax simultaneously. All goa points of interest will give you some special way to explore and enjoy during you vacation

Here is a Goa travel planner that incorporates the must visit goa points of interest or the places and things in Goa, which make it a dream destination for Indians.

1.BEACHES – One Of Goa Points Of Interest

Goa Points Of Interest
Beach – Goa Points Of Interest

Goa Points Of Interest Goa Points Of Interest

Goa has rich flora and fauna, because of its location on the Western Ghats range, which is classified as biodiversity spot.

Goa is situated between Karnataka and Maharashtra. It is surrounded by the Terekhol river in the north and bounded by the Karnataka from south and east.Goa is also surrounded on the west by one of biggest sea which is Arabian sea. While visiting Goa one can perfectly experience all the sides of India from north to south and from east to west.

Goa has its long beach along Arabian Sea, which is a principal tourist resort. The most quantic and scenic regions is located on the lower basin of the Mandovi and Zauri rivers, which join to form a bay. There are about more than half dozen of river inlets.

125 kilometres of coastline has the most beauteous beaches in the world that offers aglitter sands, huge coconut palms and mouth-watering sea food. It is place where one can experience the horizon, it’s the place where not only the sky and land seems to be meeting but also various poles also meet.

Though there are plenty of beaches but every beach is unique in itself. The beaches remain fresh as it is their first day on the earth. The calm beach sides with cold winds and water waves make you revitalize and refigure. Beaches are perfect to relax and have fun with sports activites that is why these are the main goa points of interest for tourists.

Since Goa is surrounded by water from the north as well south. There are some popular beaches on the both sides – In goa points of interest

NORTH BEACHES:Calangute,Baga,Anjuna,Vagator and Aarmbol.

SOUTH BEACHES:Colva,Benaulim,Majorda,Varca,Palolem.


Goa Points Of Interest
Water Sports Are Goa Points Of Interest
Goa Points Of Interest
Watersports are goa points of interest as are major tourist attractions

One could also enjoy various kinds of water sports in these beaches like parasailing, banana ride, motor boats. These are full of fun goa points of interest for tourists. Goa beaches are full of activities. The private operators provide with these water sports ,it’s safe and pleasurable. They provide with the sports like water sking,wind surfing, scuba diving, water scooters, boat rides and river cruises. The resorts also provide with the adventurous activities like hill claiming thus making Goa a must visit place for tourist. – goa points of interest


Goa Points Of Interest Goa Points Of Interest

Goa is a place where you can find plenty of churches and every church you visit is unique. For many visitors goa points of interest are related to churches first. In their itinerary their first stoppage is to visit church.

The most reverend church in Christian community across the world and Goa’s most famous church “Jesuit church, the Basilica of Bom Jesus” is situated in Old Gait is the first minor basilica in India. It is conscientious to Bom Jesus, which means infant or good Jesus. It is an emblem of elegance and simplicity. Jesuit architecture  manifest from its design and architecture. The guise of the church has the letter “HIS” engraved on it, these are the first three letters of Lord Jesus Christ in Greek. The figure of the infant Jesus is placed on the main table. The large statue of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of Jesuits, is above the altar. The chapel of the blessed sacrament is placed in the transept on the northern side. The remains of St. Francis Xavier are kept in undamaged in a decorated basset in the basilica.

Popular churches of Goa are in goa points of interest – Besilica of Bom Jeasus,St.Catheral,Church of Saint Francis of Assissi,Saint Cajetan Church,Saint Augustine Tower, Reis Magos Church-Verem,The church of Mae de Deus-Saligao,Church of Saint Alex-Curtorium,Church of SaintAn-Talaulim. These are goa points of interest. Rather there are various Churches,monestries,convents and temples as well.

4.TEMPLES – Are goa points of interest

Goa Points Of Interest
Temples Are Goa Points Of Interest

Goa is known as Gem of India is full of temples and churches, the calm observers  of the strained religious history and culture of bygone era. Hence a journey to a sacred place like Goa is an unmatched experience.Indeed,Goa is a treasure for the trait that one enjoys on the shortest visit to the  multiform land.

Mangueshi Temple :It is devoted to God Manguesh,an embody of Shiva.He is also referred to as Said(The Bhagavan of Goa)by Hindus.

Bhagavan Mangesh is worshipped as Shiv linga.According to the legends, Lord Shiva has apparent in to a tiger to fright Parvati and cried out”Trahi maam Gireesh”.The words “maam girisha” connected with Lord Shiva and over time the words got abbreviated to Mangruisha or Manguesh.

He is the kuldevta of many Hindus of Saraswat Brahmins,Hindus.

Some of famous temples of Goa: In goa points of interest

Shiv Bhagwati Temple-Pernem Brahma Temple-Carambolim,Shri Chandranath-Paroda,Shri Damodar-Zambaulim,Shri Datta Mandir-Sanquelim,Shri Gopal Ganpti are goa points of interest for tourists


Goa Points Of Interest

Goa Points Of Interest

The Safa masjid is eminent Islamic sacred in Ponda, commonly regarded the fortified places of hindu pilgrimages in Goa. And also samely popular in list of goa points of interest. Also known as the Shahouri Masjid,the Safa Masjid presents a decent spectacle with typical Islamic arches decoration the walls.The mosque was located at the middle of extensive complex of gardens and fountains remnants of which can be evident today.

6.DUDHSAGAR WATERFALL- One Of Major Goa Points Of Interest

Goa Points Of Interest Goa Points Of Interest

It is one of the world’s most pleasing falls.It lies up high in the Mandovi’s river watershed and so are not particularly spectacular during abstinent season.During the monsoon season,the falls are transformed into one of the most powerful falls in India.

The three famous waterfalls are:

Arvalam Waterfall,Dudhsagar Waterfall,Kesarval Waterfall are goa points of interest


Goa Points Of Interest
Image source –

Goa has a culture derived from Portugese. They have unique culture with different traditions and customs which are laid down by them.The co-existence of Hinduism and Christianity make the identity of Goa unique. For many tourist knowing the culture of the destination matters alot. So for tourists knowing culture comes in list of goa points of interest.

8.PEOPLE AND LIFESTYLE: – Goa Points Of Interest

Goa Points Of Interest
Image source –
Goa Points Of Interest
Image source –

People of Goa are fun loving ,they have easy way of living and they love the food ,enjoy their life the fullest they can.They are highly hospitable and greet their guests with warmth.They love music and dance.Their culture reflects the perfect blend of lifstyles over the centuries.goan people welcome tourism due to which tourist love to engage with their lifestyle. That is why it becomes one of goa points of interest for them.

10.CARNIVAL – Major Crowd Puller

Goa Points Of Interest
Image source –

Goa is not only famous for its beaches and churches but also for its unique carnivals. One very prominent attraction from goa points of interest is “the happening carnivals in goa”. A city that knows how to celebrate festivals is Goa.Carnivals in Goa are most resonant festivals that harbingers the time of lent to the Goan Chritianity community.Carnivals in summers are the most awaited fiestas.

The celebration of Chrtistmas and New Year in Goa is a attraction of lot of tourists from all over the world.

11.FOOD – One Of The Goa Points Of Interest

Goa Points Of Interest

Goa Points Of Interest
Food is one of Goa Points Of Interest

Goa is a city with plenty of beaches,the food that is present is abundant is sea food.Food in Goa is a perfect combination of Indian and Portuguese taste.The food and here spicy and pungent due to the availability of sea food.There are huge variety of curries which are names in Portuguese.The stable food of Goa is fish curry rice.There are variety of soup,pickles  and fries of prawn ,lobster, crabs,pomfrets.Use of coconut in their cuisine is the speciality of Goa. The food of goa is very attractive and sumptuous that is the reason it is the goa points of interest.

11.FENI – The Goa Liquor

Goa Points Of Interest
Feni is one of Goa Points Of Interest

Image source –

Feni is a liquor which is made in Goa and is famous across the globe. It is intoxicating locally brewed clear and potent drink is of two types:Feni is made from the fruit of the cashew tree and is prepared in the month of March,during the cashew harvest season. Many tourists are habitual of consuming the feni when on holiday so it comes in their goa points of interest.


Goa Points Of Interest

Shopping in Goa is uniques and full of variety.You will find various materials found in sea .Traditional dresses of  Goa are available in the wekly market that are on Friday.The Saturday night bazaar.


Goa Points Of Interest
Image source –

Music is said to be in the blood of Goa.There are several discotheques,clubs and many big bands that perform live in Goa all night.People enjoy whole night on western as well as Indian music. While People go to the bars, discotheques and happening restaurants which are open always till late night. It comes in their goa points of interest.

14.WILDLIFE – In Goa Points Of Interest

Goa Points Of Interest
lovable Wildlife in Goa Points Of Interest
Goa Points Of Interest
fascinating Wildlife in Goa Points Of Interest

Goa lies on the Western Ghats,it has best wildlife and bird sanctuary.Animals like barking deer and leopard are easily visible in the wild sanctuaries. While on any beaches you can have a look at beautiful birds that keep migrating from on country to another. Wildlife lovers specially keep it their goa points of interest


Goa Points Of Interest

Goa is a “land of crafts”.In their crafts and painting there is a blend of Potuguese as well as Indian culture and tradition.In the churches,temple and furniture there is glimpse of Portuguese architechture and crafting. Art lovers are crazy to roam and find their choices in artistry this makes it their goa points of interest

16.SHIGMO ( HOLI): Pulls Huge Crowd

Goa Points Of Interest
Goa holi is in Goa Points Of Interest

Image source –

Holi celebration happens mostly in north India. In Goa Holi is as SHIGMO. It is festival here in the month of March (Phalgun) and people celebrate with great pomp and show. Use of colours and gulal make it more colourful and vibrant. Music is must in Goa people’s dance on the beats of drums and there are various other shows like folk dance and cultural dance. Foreigners also play with colours and enjoy this day. Their knowingly participation in goa holi makes it their one of goa points of interest.

17.DOLPHIN CRUISE TRIP – Awesome And Breathtaking

Goa Points Of Interest
One of most fascinating goa points of interest

There are private cruise available to show the flip and trip of beautiful Dolphins. Cruise stop at the place where dolphins dance and show their performance. This we specially included it in goa points of interest. As many tourists are mad to experience it. Considering the goa points of interest we take this point as favorite of all.

 18.CASHEW PLANTATION – One Of Goa Points Of Interest

Goa Points Of Interest

Here Cashew introduced to India by Eastern Brazil in Goa like other commercial crops – coffee,rubber,tea etc. And in eariler times Cashew was for afforestation and soil binding but now it is for the formation of fruit vine. So this has become for many people one of goa points of interest.


Goa Points Of Interest
For russian tourists climate is one of Goa Points Of Interest

The arrival of tourists  stretches from mid-November to mid-April. And December to February are the most pleasant seasons for the tourists to visit.  After February the temperature and humidity increase here.  Months from April to October are most unfavourable to visit Goa as it is mostly dry and deserted. But this is season time.


goa points of interest
Yoga is one of goa points of interest for tourists

goa points of interest

Tourists more often visit Goa to relax and revitalize themselves. Every form of yoga,meditation ,ayurvedic massage and other therapeutic practices present in Goa. So they have preferred it as their one of goa points of interest.


Thank you for reading this goa points of interest. To read more please click here


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