The Jayalalitha – An Era Of Leadership And Stardom Ended

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It is highly tragic that chief minister of tamil nadu is dead. THE LEADER JAYALALITHA DEAD- HER FANS SHATTERED. She was 68 years old it happened on Monday evening at 11.30 pm, she had cardiac arrest on Sunday. She was dead it was confirmed by Apollo Hospital. Jayalalitha died this news at first spread like rumour later it was cleared that it is true. Her body was brought to her residence by ambulance. As news of her demise broke and spread across, total nation was shocked.

At many places people paid their tributes to her before her photo. In delhi many her followers and fans paid condolences to her before her photo. It was in news that when her body was brought to her residence then there was presence of many police officers. Her body was placed at rajaji hall for the public to pay the last respects & prayers.

Country President Pranab Mukherjee & Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived for the final tribute & for the last rites. Total country is mourning the death of her as she was leader of people. Several celebrities are shocked by the death of her as she was favorite of all. In tamil nadu people worshiped her as GODDESS. After her death 7 days of mourning had been announced by state government. And also the educational institutions would be closed for 3 days.

Almost all politicians paid their tribute to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Late Jayalalitha. Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi expressed their grief and said she will be remembered by all.

New Tamil Nadu Chief Minister

Her Senior party leader O Panneerselvam took oath to be new chief minister of the Tamil Nadu, rest 33 ministers also were there. Country’s other states’ chief ministers paid their respect to her and expressed her grief.

She was finest actress of her Era, soon she became favourite of all, she won the hearts of the masses. In political career masses spoke her As Amma G. their favourite chief minister. Still that devotion is continued as on her death huge amount a mass emerged to pay respect to her.

She was an example as a politician with huge stardom. If she is in difficult times people were sad, she is happy , all people looked happy. People used to prostrate themselves at her feet. And many have experienced that it was genuinely from heart. She was queen of leadership and stardom. People believed that only she could do betterment of Tamil Nadu.


Strong Woman

She was given corruption charges and many difficult times where she had to make trips to prison. But despite all this no opposition was able to stagger her from her firm leadership stardom. People loved her, will remain loving her this is scenario of country.

A very small look of her journey “The Jayalalitha”


Greatest & dynamic personality the Amma was born on February 24, 1948, in Mandya, near Mysuru, it was very sad that when she was only 2 years old she lost her father. She studied at Bishop Cotton Girl’s High School , till the time her mother Vedavalli moved to Chennai with the intention of giving children good education and better life. Her mother used to call her Ammu.
She was very good student and had proved also as a very hard working student with intellectual mind she was very Fluent in English telugu, hindi,Malayalam, and of course Tamil she learnt classical music, and numerous types of classical dance, when she debuted her as child artist.
Her film career began in 1960. She did 140 films. soon later she was called ‘Jayalalithaa’ ‘a’ was extra, which was added for numerological reasons in 2001.To the political front, In 1982, she joined AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam). And In 1991, with the grace she first became the chief minister, the first female CM was Janaki Ramachandran, who was widow of MGR.

But Jayalalithaa’s political graph had seen many ups and downs too as being convicted – to the TANSI land case and the Pleasant Stay hotel case and sentenced to one year of imprisonment in 2011.

“When news of her demise reached my ears all the memories again emerged in mind”

by actor Dharmendra

When jayalalitha was hospitalised many of her followers stayed outside hospitals to see a glimpse of her waving hand. And also for the news of her health betterment.


A Look To Her Personal Life.

As bit of that we discussed above, – Jayalalithaa was born in Mysore at a place called Melukote on 24 February 1948. She belonged to Tamil Iyengar family. Her father Jayaram was a lawyer by profession, Her mother, Vedavathi, chose working in the film industry of tamil cinema. Their names were given with the meaning like “jaya” is related to victorious. Identically which can be seen in her name and also in her brother name “Jayakumar”

Disproportionate Assets Case of Jayalalithaa

The court acquitted the Jayalalitha in her 18 year old disproportionate assets case(Rs.66.65) and corruption case on 11may 2015. Before that tried court had charged and sentenced her to 4 years of imprisonment along with fine of 100 crore on 27 september 2014. For which jayalalithaa challenged the decision in the Karnataka high court by filing the an appeal


The Actress Jayalalithaa


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  1.  Jayalalitha began working in the films at the age of 15 she was pursuing her schooling only.
  2. In 1961 she did English film which was named “Epistle”
  3. She debuted as lead actress in kannada film “Chinnada Gombe” in 1964.
  4. Jayalalitha made her debut in tamil film industry in film named “Vennira Aadai”
  5. The Jayalalitha was first heroine in tamil film industry during the 1960s who emerged in short skirts, gowns, short sleeved  dresses.
  6. Then time turned when she made her debut in telugu film “Manushulu Mamathalu”
  7.  Many films of Jayalalitha and M.R. Ramachandran were block buster During “1960 to 1970”, Their performances      were highly appreciated
  8. In 1972 she played actress in film named “Pattikada pattanama” opposite Shivaji Ganesan, and this movie won the  National film award for best feature film in tamil.
  9.  It was truly amazing that she won 3 filmfare Awards for her performance in 1973.
  10.  In hindi film industry Dharmendra also worked with her in film “IZZAT”


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