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10 Most Enjoyable & Charming Malaysia Tourist Spots

malaysia tourist spots

In this information of  Malaysia Tourist Spots, i would like to throw some light, That There’s an Old saying that Malaysia innate the true essence of Asia and many tourism advertisements also agreed.  And made an official tagline as ‘Malaysia truly Asia”. The unique juxtapositions of the peninsula and Borneo islands shared with Indonesia and Brunei.

The peninsula is a composition of Chinese, Malay and Indian flavors. The capital Kuala Lumpur is very well sustained and developed city. Wild forests, Granite peaks, orangutans, backwoods tribes etc are some interesting sights to see. With the pinch of extravagant luxury, and exceptionally beautiful colonial towns, this place is going to make you happy to the core. and that is the main reason, that i have chosen these 10 best Malaysia Tourist Spots so that it will help you plan the best for holiday in malaysia. – Malaysia Tourist Spots  –    Also read about mesmerizing Canadian Landmarks

1. The Mulu caves – In Malaysia Tourist Spots

Malaysia Tourist Spots
Malaysia Tourist Spots

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These caves are located in the Gunung Mulu National Park, the incredible view inside these are capable of leaving anyone with awestruck. These caves give all relevant info about the formation of caves and karst. They are located in Malaysian Borneo. The Sarawak Chamber is one the largest cave chamber in the world, which can be found underground. The hungry predators’, bats are boisterous and always in search of prey. This cave is so huge that it can accommodate near about 700 peeps at the same time. – Malaysia Tourist Spots   –   Also read about fantastic singapore

2. Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre – In Malaysia Tourist Spots

Malaysia Tourist Spots
Malaysia Tourist Spots

Opened in 1964, this rehabilitates center aims for rescuing orphaned baby orangutans from abandoning sites, plantation and saves them from illegal angling. These babies are trained to survive in the wild jungle, and when they are capable of living by themselves, they are released, hence this process goes on. This sanctuary is situated in the Kabili-Sepilok forest reserves, mainly in virgin rainforest. The Sepilok Rehabilitate center holds around 60-80 orangutans at a time. This is one of the best Malaysian itinerates to visit. – Malaysia Tourist Spots    –   Also Read About Sizzling Paris   

3. Perhentian Islands – In Malaysia Tourist Spots

Malaysia Tourist Spots
Malaysia Tourist Spots

Perhentian islands is one of the Malaysia Tourist Spots located near the Thai border an off the coast northeastern Malaysia. This is the must-visit place in Malaysia tourism as it is budget friendly and the heart-skipping beauty of beaches, and plenty of cheap accommodations available. This place can be reputed as the short version of heaven. Do make the most of this place. – Malaysia Tourist Spots    –    Also Read About Dashing  Dubai

4. Langkawi  An Unbelievable Destination

Malaysia Tourist Spots
Malaysia Tourist Spots

Langkawi in our Malaysia Tourist Spots is one the 99 archipelago islands situated in the Andaman Sea. But what makes this island stand out among the other islands is that it offers the best resorts and sightseeing. The island is the part of the state Kedah. The population of this place is not more than 65000. The environment of this place comprises of fresh air, meadows, splendid mountains peaks and beautiful white sandy beaches. This place could provide you the best tourism experiences. – Malaysia Tourist Spots   –    Also Read About  Relaxing Holiday In Maldives

5. Petronas Twin Towers – You will be awestruck

Malaysia Tourist Spots
Malaysia Tourist Spots 

The sky-piercing and at one time the tallest building in the world, PETRONAS Twin towers would make your neck ache by looking at its height from the ground. In Malaysia Tourist Spots These towers comprise of 88-floor. Made from the modernized architect with the twist of Islamic art view. There is a bridge connecting these two towers at the 41st and 42nd floor. The view from the top of this building would make anybody feels dizzy and provides excellent sight of the region. – Malaysia Tourist Spots   –  Also read about mesmerizing Canadian Landmarks

6. Mount Kinabalu – Scenic beauty

Malaysia Tourist Spots
Malaysia Tourist Spots 

Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Borneo. Its height is near about 4095 meters. That is the reason we picked it up in our list of Malaysia Tourist Spots. This place is known for the widest range of botanical and biological species biodiversity. This Mountain can easily be climbed without the harness or any other mountain equipment. The mount Kinabalu comprises of over 326 species of birds, more than 600 species of ferns and over 100 different mammalian species. This place is a hub of various natural diversities. – Malaysia Tourist Spots –    Also Read About Dashing  Dubai

7. Pulau Tioman – Relax & go underwater

Malaysia Tourist Spots
Malaysia Tourist Spots

Pulau Tioman proclaimed to be the most beautiful island in the world. This island is an archetype paradise. Located on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia.  In the planner of  Malaysia Tourist Spots, A trip to Malaysia can never be completed without visiting this island. This small island attracts numbers of tourist every year.  The island exhibits the admiring beauty of white coral reefs, and an ultimate scuba diving experiences. Because it’s interior is heavily covered by dark forest.  Imagine what’s it likes to hike on this place. – Malaysia Tourist Spots –     Also Read About Sizzling Paris

8. Taman Negara – Water and forest

Malaysia Tourist Spots
Malaysia Tourist Spots

‘National Park’ is what its mean in Malay. This place is the wonderland of nature. One can say beauty at-its-best about this place. Taman Negara is one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world. This place is provides everything from dense forest to marvelous waterfalls to the world’s longest canopy walkways in Malaysia Tourist Spots. Nature lover should make the priority to visit this place. This place is the home for the most endangered species, white tigers, rhinos, leopards and even Asian Elephants can be easily spotted. The best feature about this place is that one doesn’t need a travel guide to explore this place. Malaysia Tourist Spots  –    Also Read About  Relaxing Holiday In Maldives

9. Georgetown Inner city – Appreciable

Malaysia Tourist Spots
Malaysia Tourist Spots

Want to explore the place that comprises colonial era’s structure buildings and taste of china town? Well,  Malaysia is the place for all the different diversion yet exciting events. talking about Malaysia Tourist Spots here it is like living in the place of uncertainties. But you’d know that it will only give delight. The mass population of this place is from china originate.  This place has unique architectural buildings and impeccable buildings of cultural townscape which has no comparison. The evening especially, offers the jaunty environment, when local people go for the drink and meals.  Thus, it is safe to say that this place is one of the friendliest places in the world. – Malaysia Tourist Spots –   Also read about mesmerizing Canadian Landmarks

10. Cameron Highlands – Fresh air

Malaysia Tourist Spots
Malaysia Tourist Spots 

The Cameron highland was first explored by British in 1920. The population of this place is not more than a ballpark figure, with the less of 34000 people of diverse origins.   This is the place where Malays, Indian, Chinese and few others ethnic group live in a community. Visitors are amazed by the pathway that leads from dense forest to waterfall and other serene spots. The Cameron highland is one of the Malaysia’s widespread hill stations. This place is also known for the best tea plantation. The guide would take to various tea factory tours as well. – Malaysia Tourist Spots  –  Also read about fantastic singapore

So, if you love to travel and wanted to explore something more platonic.  And fed up from glitters and extravagant cities. Malaysia is a place for such ideal gateway with these Malaysia Tourist Spots. The place where you’d lose the track of time and would be lost in the arms of nature. Be it a regular family holiday or vacations with friends or even if it’s a solo trip. Whatever it may be, Malaysia will deliver the surrealistic experience. That you will cherish throughout your life. – Malaysia Tourist Spots 

Thank you for reading – 10 Most Enjoyable & Charming Malaysia Tourist Spots –  To read more please Click Here


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