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Modern fashionista
Fashion Of World

Every girl wants to look gorgeous, graceful and dazzling. And wanna to become today’s modern fashionista. The most important they want to look very different in the whole crowd .So to look different girls try many accessories with different dresses and at last they end up wearing something they don’t like much.

The key to dressing well is simple; DRESS FOR YOU!

I’m sure you have heard it all before, but there is no point following fashion trends if they are going to be unflattering or go against your own sense of style. To become modern fashionista lots of things are to be known.

There are a bunch of different body types, from the pear with their big bums, to the inverted triangle, with beautiful shoulders and generous ‘assets’, to the ever elusive hour glass. The trick is not to look to how you wish you could look, but recognise what you are and learn what is best for you. It is all about finding your assets and enhancing them, and recognising those things you may not love and making sure you don’t draw attention to them!..

If you know someone who can do colours in you region I would seriously encourage you look into .

Think about that dress, that you know is a good cut on you, slimming, accentuates all the rights things, but for some reason you never feel good in it- chances are it’s not your colour!. So To be good modern fashionista and clever

So here are modern fashionista certain tips

that will surely make your work easy and completely different from the crowd.

1. Your Face – by modern fashionista

The most important is our face and a single pimple on it the night before we have to go out for a party makes us worry. So modern fashionista suggests For this you can use garlic clove cut in half and simply rub it on your pimple and sleep, you will find the pimple would have disappeared till the morning.

modern fashionista
modern fashionista tells about face tips

2. Your eyes – to be checked by modern fashionista

If you are going for a party and dark circles under your eyes, you can use your eye shadow to make it light.

Apply foundation of the colour of your skin, then apply the nude colour eye shadow.

modern fashionista
Eyes Care

3.Modern fashionista tip for your lips

Choose lipstick that complements your face but sometimes we have dark lips so you can apply foundation on your lips and you can apply any colour lipstick that you want.

modern fashionista
lips advice by modern fashionista

4. DRESSES BY modern fashionista

Palazzo pants are extremely amazing for any weather , stylish and most comfortable. You can wear most of the time and can pair up with anything. Here are styles onto wear palazzo.

OFFICE WEAR PALAZZO: If you are short wear palazzos with a pair of heels to make you look taller and choose wearing bright colours.

Always tie up your hairs and wear deep neck tops look taller.

Suggestion by modern fashionista  – If you have fat HIPS – avoid wearing short tops, you can wear long tops and palazzos are perfect for you.

modern fashionista
Modern fashionista for dresses

modern fashionista  says PALAZZO FOR PARTY WEAR:

You can wear black colour palazzo and can pair it with any bright colour shirt or top for office purpose or some friend’s party.

For party wear you can wear palazzo with a long kurti .

modern fashionistamodern fashionista


  • Wear high waist jeans paired with crop tops and high heels.
  • modern fashionistamodern fashionista

->Wear floral short skirts, with any single colour crop top.

  • Skirt can be high waist, tumbler or pencil or skater skirt.
  • modern fashionista

-> Modern fashionista says You can pair up long kurti or crop top with long skirts and with stylish accessories.

modern fashionista
modern fashionista

You can also pair shorts/ dungarees with any colour crop top  .

modern fashionista

6. SAREE suggested by modern fashionista

Saree can be worn for any occasions. If you are in parties, we can wear ground embroider saree various floral patterns. For wedding, we can dress up which have gold or silver embroider in them. It makes women more elegant in their outlook.

Wear heavy blouse with simple saree of any colour or wear floral blouse with a simple thin embroider saree

modern fashionistamodern fashionista

Does wearing a saree make you look fatter and shorter? modern fashionista says sometimes yes That could be because of thick borders in your saree. Wear single colour saree and drape it in such a way that your heels are not visible  .


modern fashionista

Do not wear jeans to cover you boots, always fold you jeans so that boots are clearly visible to you.

If you are tall and wearing short skirts, you can either wear long boots or flats matching colour of your skirt make you look classier.

modern fashionista   says If you are you can wear black colour stockings to make your legs look longer and thinner with short skirt you can also wear black pair of stockings.

modern fashionista

  • Try wearing colour of your heels with your skin to make your legs look longer.
  • Pair up jeans with jeans shoes and you can also wear it simple dresses.
  • modern fashionista

8. ACCESSORIES suggestions by modern fashionista

  • Always keep with you a pair of metallic ear rings or metal black studs and you can pair up with anything.
  • A pair of ethanic ear rings that goes with any ethnic wear and makes you look elegant.modern fashionista

->Simple and slightly stylish finger rings  can your fingers look longer and beautiful.

  • To look more ethnic you can use mang-tika with saree, or with any indo-western dress. Modern fashionista  says flaunt it well
  • Wear black simple bracelet combined with finger ring makes you look elegant.
  • modern fashionista  modern fashionista
  • Never drape a scarf around your neck if you are short , fat .It will make you look more shorter.
  • Girls with long neck can make you look more elegant in different style
  • modern fashionista
    Tips by modern fashionista


Never straighten your hairs permanent, if your volume is less. You can curl them or have them pumped, to give them volume.

modern fashionista

  • modern fashionista suggests to Make high pony to look taller.
  • modern fashionista
  • 10. Wearing ‘your’ colours helps accentuate your skin tone and eye colour, it makes you look more vibrant and essentially makes you ‘POP”.
  • 11.Similarly to my previous points the key to dressing well is dressing for you. Find a style that suits your body your colours and you and run with it
  • 12.If you have dandruff in your hairs you can mix camphor with coconut oil at night and then wash your hairs in the morning.
  • 13.You can put kajal below your eyelids to make it more attractive and bigger.
  • 14. modern fashionista recommends -You can also use turquoise colour kajal to make your eyes look more beautiful and different.

modern fashionista

Thank you so much for reading modern fashionista tips of fashion. To read more about amazing topics please click here

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