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24 Mussoorie Tourist Places To Visit In Your Life

Mussoorie hill station
Mussoorie hill station

Must Visit Mussoorie Tourist Places

Mussoorie hill station situated in the foothills of Garhwal Himalayan range. It is located in northern Indian state of Uttarakhand and the municipal board in the Dehradun district. It is located around 300 kms from the national capital New Delhi and approx. 35 km from the state capital Dehradun. Mussoorie hill station is also known as queen of hills.

The second highest point in Mussoorie hill station is Lal Tibba which is at a height of over 2,275 metres is situated in Landour.  The Landour, which includes military content is deliberated part of “greater Mussoorie” as is the parish of Barlowganj and Jharipani. Mussoorie hill station is at an average altitude of 1,880 metres with its green mountains and speckled flora and fauna. Its uniqueness makes it a captivating hill resort.

In Mussoorie hill station you will enjoy Imperious snow ranges to the north-east, and splendid scene of the Doon Valley and Shiwalik ranges in the south. Mussoorie was also known as “fairyland” heaven to tourists. The name ‘MUSSOORIE’ is named after the native shrub(a small tree) to area named ‘mansoor’. The town also called as Mansoor by most Indians.

In Mussoorie hill station there are many getaways to have fun. And this Mussoorie hill station will not disappoint you if spend holiday here for 3 to 4 days too.  What all tourist attractions are available to get engaged in Mussoorie hill station? Lets check below


Mussoorie hill station
Lal Tibba In Landour – A must visit Mussoorie tourist places
Mussoorie hill station
Scenic View From Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba is the highest peak’s upper most point and most eminent place in Mussoorie. Folks like tourists and travellers visit here to view the long trajectories of foremost mountain peaks. The adoring sunset and sunrise at this place is attraction of all tourists. The place is astonishingly awesome. Since the place is at highest point of Mussoorie hill station, the clear view of the other ranges like Kedar and Badrinath is on pure sky. The scenery of Doon valley from this range looks fabulously attractive. It is a great place to relax and share the most beautiful and precious moments with family and friends in the middle of a panoramic background with Deodar and pine trees and the resplendent mountains. The place is highly picturesque, these aspects make the place most extraordinary in mussoorie hills station.

Mussoorie hill station
I felt here extreme peace and happiness

Apart from hills and mountains it also has hill houses built in the old British architectural style. And you will be amazed to know that even Sachin Tendulkar too has a beautiful house here in Lal Tibba. I came to know this on my personal visit to lal tibba in Mussoorie hill station.

2. Char dukan

Mussoorie hill station
Char dukan near lal tibba in landour in Mussoorie hill station


Mussoorie hill station
Sachin with his family enjoying food to one of the shops of Char Dukan – Image Source –

While going to the Lal Tibba, half of kilometer before Lal Tibba , there is place called Char Dukan. It is a one of the Mussoorie tourist places where 4 to 5 shops cum eating joints are established since long time back and is famous for variety of foods. Even sachin tendulkar visits here whenever he is in mussoorie. As his home from here is very near. Go there when you feel so hungry and have bun-omelette, parathas, waffles, pancakes and coffee. I can bet with you that you will love it.


Mussoorie hill station
Gun Hill Point

The second highest peak of Mussoorie hill station as well as historical. It is located at 400ft above the Mall road. This place in Mussoorie hill station is the most scenic and picturesque for prospecting the Himalayan ranges and Doon valley. The unique point about this place is the experience of cable car. While enjoying the ropeway ride, tourists can also have a look at the beautiful Mussoorie hill station and encounter its beauty from different angles. Gun Hill is the place which provides the 360 degree view of Mussoorie hill station and its ranges like Bundarpunch, Srikantha, Pithwara, Gangtori group and numerous.

The place is named as ‘Gun point’ because during pre-independence days, a gun was mounted on its top, which was fired to accord watches of citizens of the city .Now days it has a water reservoir of the Mussoorie city.


Mussoorie hill station

Located 15 km away from the Mussoorie main city area. The oldest tourist spot of Mussoorie hill station is the Kempty fall. The gigantic fall that tumbles numerous times before touching the ground. It was discovered by British This is most mesmerizing picnic spot for the tourists and situated on Yamnoutri Road.

Here it is also famous for its milky water of streams, a place where tourists takes refreshing bath and also enjoy boating in a small pond nearby. There are several small food stalls and restaurants that provide the eatables, tea, and coffee. The duration from June to October is the perfect period for visit this exquisite place .It open only during the day time from morning 8:00 to evening 5:00. So keep in mind Mussoorie tourist places have this beautiful place to visit for sure atleast once in your life.


Mussoorie hill station
Image source –

It is Perfect picnic spot for quixotic duos and families. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Mussoorie with all facilities available here. The passers-by enjoy the artificial beauty of this lake by paddling the boat. Interpreted as the A-One lake and most visited Lake of Mussoorie. It looks splendid, resplendent and revives during the Monsoon in Mussoorie hill station. In Mussoorie hill station this attraction is for those who love to paddle the boat with their soul-mates or friends

6.THE MALL in Mussoorie hill station

Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill station

Build in the British style, situated at the soul of Mussoorie. The Mall is famous for scenic viewpoints, endowing with amazing views of the Doon Valley. Benches and lamppost on both sides of the road make the place more pleasurable. It is also a glaring place for shopping. There are also ancient styled video Game parlours and exhilarating skating rinks available for kids’ entertainment. The Mall has shops on both side of the road offering with delicious sweets, woollen products, clothes and well- made handicraft stuffs for decorating the houses. An aquarium and kids Methodist Church is also existent on the Mall Road in Mussoorie.


Mussoorie hill station
Image source –

It is named after the Surveyor-General named Sir George Everest. He was responsible for the concluding the sections of Great trigonometric Survey of India along the meridian arc from the south of India spreading north to Nepal. Hillary and Tenzin were the first efficacious persons who mounted the Mount Everest. Afterwards, the peak was named to give tribute to Sir George Everest. It was the home and laboratory of Sir George. It is a place from where fully snow Cladded Mountains is clearly visible here in Mussoorie hill station.

8. DHANOLTI – One of the best Mussoorie tourist places

Mussoorie hill station
Eco Park in Dhanolti while on Mussoorie hill station tour
Mussoorie hill station
Dhanolti garden when on Mussoorie hill station tour
Mussoorie hill station
Rides In Dhanolti

It provides with the spectacular view of mountain ranges and valleys, situated at 24 km from Mussoorie hill station. The citizens are heart-warming and hospitable. Astounding view of snow covered mountains, and sometimes snow fall can also be experienced.


Mussoorie hill station
Image source –

Himalayan regions are always been famous for its art forms and its diverse religion and also the visual art of the tribal communities. The citizens belonging to this region has numerous stuffs and articles. There is also the art exhibition of the traditional jewelleries and dresses, household devices. This beautiful tourist attraction is situated in the middle of Oak and Deodar forest. The place is beautifully adorned to make it look regional. It is also a place of agricultural equipment, musical instruments etc. Must check it when you are on Mussoorie hill station tour if you are art lover.


Mussoorie hill station
Image source –
Mussoorie hill station
Camel back road as one of the adventurous Mussoorie tourist places
Mussoorie hill station
With my soulmate in Mussoorie hill station

It is a beautiful place to take a stroll under the calm nature to boast the inner peace and peacefulness. This place is named as ‘Camel Back Road’ due to the natural existence of natural layout of rock shaped like a camel hump at the end of road In Mussoorie hill station. Its way begins from the mall road of Mussoorie hill station


Mussoorie hill station
Image source –

It is covered by the benedictory of pines, old cedar trees, and medicinal plants that grow in huge amount in this locality. The sanctuary is established as a bird watching heaven and it has an extensive variety of birds such as White Capped Water Redstart and Red Billed Blue Magpie and numerous attractive birds. The mostly found species of animals are the Himalayan goat, panther, leopard, and bear in this sanctuary in Mussoorie hill station


Mussoorie hill station
Image source –

Temple of jwala devi is a temple of goddess durga which is located at the top of hill named benog. It is scenic place as jwala devi temple has beautiful surroundings. Many devotees visit the temple for prayer and blessing of goddess durga. The temple is at an altitude of 2104 mtrs, and this temple is surrounded by deodar and oak trees.It is a very old or rather oldest temple at height around 2100 meter In Mussoorie hill station. Devotees can see shiwalik range and Yamuna river From the temple. To reach the temple of jwala devi in mussoorie hill station, you can take cab as temple is located 8 kms away from mussoorie city. By trek from clouds end mussoorie it is 2 km. the only nearby railway station is dehradun railway station. And for flight there is jolly grant airport at around 60 km distance.


mussoorie hill station
Wax Museum in Mussoorie hill station

In Mussoorie hill station is one of the best Mussoorie tourist places in India that fulfils your desire of clicking photographs with various wax statues. If you ever felt of watching these statues and have a dream to visit Madame Tussauds but cannot visit due to high expenses then this place is for you in less price. It inaugurated in 2015 on the outskirts of Mussoorie in the Company Garden. It is fourth wax museum consisting of 26 wax statues.

The famous pop star Michael Jackson(MJ), the cartoonist Mr.Bean, the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi are some of the celebrities present here. They look so real and give a feel of reality. The museum is also expecting the statues of PM Modi, the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and the missile man Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Do not forget to click pictures with these statues while on tour to Mussoorie hill station


mussoorie hill station
Image source –

Landour is a small town connected to Mussoorie hill station in Uttarakhand. These are also famous as twin towns. It receives heavy and regular rainfall in the monsoon season. This place is also famous for bazaar near Mussoorie. The place comprises of various excellent schools, Indian Army has a training centre and a primary school in Landour Cantonment. And a very renowned and distinguished author – ruskin bond lives here.

The clock situated in the Landour Bazaar. It forms a boundary between Landour and Mussoorie hill station.


church mussoorie tourist places

It is of great historic importance being the foremost church during the British Cantonment. The fasten riffles in the hall is the evidence of the history. The church is situated at a height of 7750 feet, provides the view of the snow covered mountains and the dense deodar forests on the slopes of beautiful place Mussoorie. This Mussoorie tourist places remains beautiful in all seasons of the year whether its November morning, June evening, autumn, monsoon and spring season it gives you the mesmerizing view of the place. This church is in landour in Mussoorie hill station


mussoorie hill station
Image source –

In Mussoorie hill station This place is spread in 2000 acres of land covered with oak and deodar forests. It is scenic and serene place. The place will make you experience the variety of flora and fauna. The estate has several nature streams some famous ones are the wildlife sanctuary, Dudhi village, Bhadraj temple, Everest house and the wishing wall. Experience it while on tour to Mussoorie hill station


mussoorie hill station

Mussoorie is full of snow at sometimes in winters. That is tourist attraction for various adventurous sports, some are SKY RIDE-ZIP LINE. It is the highest wild life Zip line in India 600 ft, above in Dhanaulti. The length of the zip line ride is 1700 ft. It is star attraction and cost approx.1200/person. There are Some other adventurous activities also like valley crossing, rope course, zip swing, skywalk, rock climbing, trekking in Mussoorie hill station and Himalayas, night camping for the couple.  giant swing, cable hang gliding and stunt mania Are some of the new activities.


The fall is located at a distance of 6km from the Mussoorie city and the point of major tourist spots. The favourite place for photographers compels them from capturing the picturesque beauty. The falls look like milky and freshening, as the fall is natural but the water in the river is somewhat algae. It is also a picnic spot for families and children to spend the weekend and freshen themselves. There are small stalls for eateries but it is good if tourists carry their own lunch with them. This is an attraction in mussoorie hill station


mussoorie hill station
Image source –

The fall is at a distance of 7km away from Mussoorie in the shape of horsetail is named so because of excessive growth of lush green mosses near the fall. The place is small but beautiful and is very near to the Clock Tower in Landour. The uniqueness of this waterfall is twenty-two Creek located in the downstream. It consists of more than 6 tier of cascade and slide type waterfalls. The 145 feet high and then peeks at various height 20, 17, 19, 12, 20 ad 57 feet respectively. The fall crosses the 22 lake paths. The top three peaks are visible while the rest crosses the brook multiple times. Must visit it while on mussoorie hill station tour.


mussoorie hill station
Image source

The fall is situated in Mussoorie on the Jharipani road at a distance of 9 km. The place is full of variety of flora and fauna, wild flowers, plenty of shrubs in the vicinity of the waterfall. The fall provides the scenic view of the Shivalik Ranges while the other side of the fall situated to Doon Valley and sheer farming fields. The place providing magnificent and mesmerizing views coerce the localised and tourist to visit for picnic. It is one of the tourist attraction of mussoorie hill station tour


mussoorie hill station
Image source –

The place is the jewel of attraction that exudates beauty at every point. The silent and calm lake will instigate you to click photographs, do not forget to carry camera. The place is covered by scenic water bodies is the perfect place to spend memorable time with family and friends. In Mussoorie hill station This place is highly recommended for new couples, for honeymooner and spend some memorable time with love ones. The place is perfect to click photographs with titanic poses.

22. Tibetan Buddhist Temple In Happy Valley

mussoorie hill station
Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Mussoorie hill station
mussoorie hill station
Happy valley in mussoorie hill station

mussoorie hill station

Happy valley is a beautiful place just on the beginning route of kempty fall from mussoorie mall road library chowk. This is basically a residential areas in Mussoorie hill station. And well maintained too. This is a place of  government officials and tibetan people with all possible residential amenities. Here in happy valley you must visit a gorgeous tibetan buddhist temple, which is maintained very well and you will find here monks and very traditional people who follow buddhism.

23. Amazing restaurant MOMOS

Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill stationmussoorie tourist places with Rahul Walia  Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill station Mussoorie hill station

I personally suggest this restaurant since the food i have tried myself, which was awesome, it is completely tibetan style restaurant on mall road in Mussoorie hill station. Their honey lemon tea and momos are sumptuous & delicious. And the staff is so polite while serving. Must try food here once.

24. Gurudwara In Mussoorie

Mussoorie hill station

Just on the library chowk, on the mussoorie entrance there is GURUDWARA beautifully maintained. I prayed there it was very peaceful inside like sitting in the lap of GOD. View from GURUDWARA is mesmerising.  Must visit here if you are religious.


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