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Art Lovers Are Mad For Visiting Palenque Mexico, They Simply Love The Place

Palenque mexico
Palenque mexico

When we talk about Palenque mexico – Palenque means “wood stake fence” in Spanish that stands for a fort, nearly 200 years old. The ruins of Palenque mainly discovered in the late 18 century. Even today, they have their greatest appeal as it attracts the unnumbered tourist every year. Palenque mexico has a lot more to offer than just broken structure. The breathtaking landscape o devour on local tradition yet sophisticated meal.

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The Palenque mexico is one of the best archaeological workspaces. Palenque mexico is the main tourist destination in the Mexico. Situated in the state of Chiapas. Palenque mexico has plenty of vegetation, dense forest and amazing sights of a waterfall, the rivers. And with the help of the proper guide must visit the archaeological site. Not to forget the pyramids and the temples that show the history of Mayan Civilization.



1.Painted Tales at Bonampak in Palenque mexico

Palenque mexico
Arts in Palenque mexico

In the center of Ocosingo Chiapas. The archaeological site shows the most eye-catching view of the organization of Bonampak. “the painted walls in the Mayan language depicts the history of Malayan. The famous temple of Murals is worth visiting. It represents the olden times of battle in hues and vivid colored walls. The paintings are so realistic and astonishing that leaves every tourist speechless. The locals call it the pre-Hispanic Palenque mexico’s treasure.

2.Pre hispanic Flavors in Palenque mexico

Palenque mexico
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Hispanics still use to hold recipes with the combination of local ingredients to form something mouth-watering exotic dishes and beverages. The most abundant and the extravagant cooking style appreciated in Palenque mexico. The place mostly known for its savories in delicacies. People love to have their mouthful with it is loyal yet very much experimental dishes. That the combinations of two utterly different things such as duck in chilmol sauce made with tomatoes, coriander and hot pepper. Chiapas-style tamales and the most famous shote with momo cooked with river snail. Do try out all of these weird yet delightful combinations of food in Palenque mexico.

3.Yaxchilan, Mayan Domain

Palenque mexico
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Yaxchilan is known for its superior architecture and engraved descriptions situated near the banks of the river Usumacinta in the municipality of Ocosingo Chiapas here around Palenque mexico. The city is not far away from Palenque. The ancient structure and interesting sightseeing, which includes many extraordinary temples and buildings that established during the settlement time at Piedras Negras and Tilak. Due to some government policies in Palenque mexico, the tourist can only access few numbers of buildings such as the Great Plaza, the Great Acropolis, and the Small Acropolis.

4.Palenque mexico Opens Up its History

Palenque mexico
Ruz LHuiller Museum

For the deeper understanding of the history of Palenque, some deeper reach is shown in the Ruz L’Huiller Museum. Where there are shown more than 230 archaeological pieces. The vibrant history of pre-Hispanic inheritance and traditions displayed. The name of this museum named after Dr. Ruz L’Huiller, who dedicated his life learning and exploring all the dimensions of the Mayan World in the 18t century. This museum is the must visit place in Palenque mexico.

5.Two Natural Wonders: Lacantun and Montes Azules

Palenque mexico
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Nominated as Reserves of the Biosphere. This is the home of the exotic endanger species,  which are buried deep in the Lacandona jungle. In Palenque mexico This place is only accessed the magnificent river Usumacinta and swank a warm-wet climate with summer rains. In Palenque mexico there is a Montes Azules tree. Which claimed to be the tallest tree in the Mexico, which literary stay all green through the year

6.Extreme Palenque mexico

Palenque mexico
River Rafting in Palenque mexico

Palenque is the perfect destination for vacation. From river rafting to sightseeing this all is so famous in place in the whole package. The place includes e extremist water sports to daring jungle safari to exotic vegetation in the world Palenque has it all. From the highlands to the edgy cliff to turquoise blue, water all in all everything about Palenque mexico is worth experiencing. There is a great emphasis on nature and its elements that would blow your mind.

7.Feel the Force of Chiapas in Palenque mexico

Palenque mexico
Stay here and feel the magic of Palenque mexico

The most traveled river Tzaconeja is one of the most impressive sights of the region. You can easily get affordable accommodation, expensive restaurants and beautiful waterfall of Agua Azul. Although The turquoise colored water pours down into the natural pool is so mind blowing in Palenque mexico.    –   May also like about Unforgettable holiday in loreto mexico

8.Tonina, Witness of Mayan Splendor

Palenque mexico
Palenque mexico

In Palenque mexico  – Enclose by dense forest vegetation and jungle, this consecrated place holds the tallest building in the middle America. Here you find the great pyramid about 78 miles from Palenque. It is Situated in midst of natural forest in the northern region of Ocosingo. its breathtaking classical Mayan period that referred as typical Mayan cosmology. The history of Mayan fascinates the visitors to their core. If you are a travel enthusiast. And have a keen interest in abandoned fort and ruins, this place will not disappoint you. For this just make your route to Palenque mexico. Also go through-  Lovely holiday in Cuernavaca mexico

9.Bird Watching in Mexico

Palenque mexico
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Love for birds and nature habitat, total 10 percent of biodiversity in the world resides here in Mexico. So Along with enjoying the Palenque mexico You can also imagine the fun watching almost all kinds of birds in this vast universe at just one place. Be it in the highlands, dense forest or deserted areas you will find the very exquisite species of birds. For the specific place to meet some feathery friends is the EL Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas, it is very renowned home for owls, jays nightingales and breathtaking quetzals. In short, in the itinerary of Palenque mexico, this place is in the true sense is the paradise for bird watchers.    –      May also like About Stunning holiday in sayulita mexico

10.Shooting the Rapids in Chiapas while to Palenque mexico

Palenque mexico
Chiapas Palenque mexico

This place is sanctified with the diverse climate that assorted from scorching heat to sunny cool beaches. It has many foggy highlands and rainforests. The main feature of Chiapas holds cascade and mangrove forests, sheer cliffs and astonishing lagoons. The flora and fauna presented in abundance. It is the home for rare Ceiba trees and wild orchids. So In Palenque mexico Wildlife of this place is also worth appreciating. From parrots, monkey to jaguars’ even ocelots all to be found in this place here in Palenque mexico.

The adventurous river rafting in La Venta River is worth experiencing. And not to forget the hiking at the Arco will for surely make you scream at the top of your lungs. So i may assure you – your visit or holiday for these 10 getaways of Palenque mexico will be worth experiencing. All the best for unforgettable fun and experience.  Also go through-  Lovely holiday in Cuernavaca mexico

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