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Top 10 Things You Love To Do In Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita Mexico
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Embrace the warmth of sun-drenched Sayulita Mexico; it is the home of marvelous beaches with the spark of Mexican culture. Sayulita Mexico beholds the world best water sports from surfing to deep water diving, to the world-class cruise experience, you name it.  This place often called as “crown Jewel” of the Riviera Nayarit. The perfect combinations of natural beauty and luxurious stay, from jungle recoil to mount hiking with fine dine and amazingly friendly people.  Sayulita Mexico is total Wifi covered, and fun restaurants with traditional and contemporary eateries. You will absolutely love being here on the vacations. – Sayulita Mexico


Here is the list of top ten places to check out in Sayulita——————-

1. Relaxation on the Beach of Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita Mexico
Beach scene in sayulita, mexico

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The prime magnetism of Sayulita Mexico is its Beach. Peaceful and calm in the morning while the fishermen are in their work. However, in the afternoon Sayulita Mexico is fully crowded when everyone is out sunbathing.  The warm sun feels so heavenly and it is a great place to relax and to get a natural suntan. You had better carry sun-tanning lotion or you will end up looking like a lobster. This place offers world best ocean to swim in, if want to escape the crowd of town beaches, then must go to the north where there are lesser people. Especially in winters, this place is fine for traveling and resting.- Sayulita Mexico

2. Explore the beaches round Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita Mexico
Amazing beaches to relax and have fun

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If you are fond of sandy beaches, you may like to visit the Playa De Los Muertos. This place is easy to find and known as the Beach of Dead, why? Because it is adjutant to the cemetery, so, just follow the instructions, and you will reach the graveyard and the beach. The beach lies between two stone walls of rugged texture. You may also find many crabs and other marine species lying on its sand, the sight of this is nothing but pure delight.- Sayulita Mexico

3. Learn surfing in Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita Mexico
Surfing in Sayulita

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Ever wonder if you could learn how to surf like a pro. Sayulita Mexico will teach you how to paddle and how to surf on turbulent waves. If you are anywhere around this area I would suggest that you must try paddle boarding as there are plenty of options to rent your boat from and go ahead in the ocean. You must also visit other places like WildMex and Lunazul, for even more fun. – Sayulita Mexico

4.Enjoy Snorkeling on the bay in Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita Mexico
Enjoy under the water

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Sayulita may not have to clear blue water of Cancun; however, you can always enjoy the company of fishes and go for snorkeling on calm days. Here in Sayulita Mexico You will be surprised to know how much you have enjoyed the swim in the deep blue water, play hide, and seek with puffer fish. – Sayulita Mexico

5. Go Fishing when you are in Sayulita Mexico

Sayulita Mexico
Go Finishing in Sayulita

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Go nuts on a fishing trip on the Pacific Ocean, make the most of your time while your trip to this place. Catch your dinner or compete with your friends about who caught the biggest fish from the sea. Known the Pacific Ocean aside Sayulita Mexico filled with different kinds of fishes and they are an infinite number, so, it would not take long to fill your bucket. The Captain Pablo’s Adventures guide will take you on the fishing tours. The peaceful walk on the south beaches will get you all energetic and positive.- Sayulita Mexico

6. Horse riding

Sayulita Mexico
Horse Riding

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Ever dreamed of riding a horse on the side of the beach, this place is just for you. Here in Sayulita Mexico One can easily get the horse and you can walk them on the sandy beaches or take them in the jungle. People can easily get one from the local. Travelers enjoy the horseback riding the most. – Sayulita Mexico

7. Go for hiking

Sayulita Mexico
Go hiking in forest or dense areas

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You will face two options if you are hiking in the jungle of Sayulita. Here in Sayulita Mexico One you can go for a hiking all by yourself or asked someone to take you there, ways will love the stunning view from the top. Mexico Trecks will get to the top of the monkey mountain and a gorgeous view of Sayulita Bay. – Sayulita Mexico                                     Also read about terrific The tiger’s nest Bhutan

8. The Mercado Del Pueblo market

Sayulita Mexico

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The Mercado Del Pueblo is more than a marketplace; from November to May, this place is totally packed. Its opening time is from 10 am to 2 pm. There are plenty of local shops to buy gifts and collect souvenirs, fruits, vegetables and other organic products. People here are always in festive spirit, the music played by a band and dancing to the rhythm. People having a good time while enjoying their delicious lunch and engulfing in the merry mood. Experiences the localize lifestyle in this place. – Sayulita Mexico

9. Join the party in Camaron

Sayulita Mexico
Have party here

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Albeit Sayulita is the place for friendly and blissful people, the nightlife, however, is hard to find. But Camaron is the place that gives the vibe of sudden thrill and everything that a good nightclub has to offer. The best thing about this place is it’s right next to the beach, so it doubles up the fun and with an amazing crowd. If you are, alone you might end up making new friends. This Camaron situated on the north beach right next to the La Terrazola. Must visit this place if you want to blow up some steam and revitalize yourself. – Sayulita Mexico

10. pay your visit to the Las Marietas Island

Sayulita Mexico
You will love it simply

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The Las Marietas Island is another stop to visit. You must choose a cruise for exquisite fun and amazing experience. This trip may take up your entire day, as there is a lot to see and capture the famous cave, the market, the cruise ride etc. You would love it being there.

You must visit this place because of not only horse riding, hiking and water sports, but also because it is the most progressive and peaceful place, a favorite of all the craft man, artists, and tourists. You may find the natural beauty in abundance and along with fancy restaurants. This place is kind one of the best in beaches and surfing. So, if you are in Mexico, must visit this place for its ageless beauty. – Sayulita Mexico


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