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You Will Love Awesome 10 Places In Your Singapore Trip Package


Millions of people visit singapare every year. All keep their holiday itinerary well planned.  So when you plan your itinerary then keep these awesome 10 places in your Singapore Trip Package. As these 10 places or options in your Singapore Trip Package will satisfy your travel booze.  Singapore a city-state Island in Southeast Asia famous for being richer and urbanized has a lot to offer. This futuristic country has the most emigrants, thus diversity in population makes it even more vibrant and colorful. One will fall in love with this place if given a chance to travel. From sci-fi tech to fashion industries, Singapore has been a trend setter for the world. People who have never been to Singapore, surely missed the greatest pleasure of life, from food to ethnic clothing. This place has the best of both worlds. (Also click here to read about Dubai)

Here is the list of the places where no one should miss visiting by any chance. – Singapore Trip Package

 1.  Marina Bay Sands – in Singapore Trip Package

Singapore Trip Package

The copious Marina Bay Sands resort is an amalgamation of high-end luxury brands, hotels, restaurants, shops along with Art Science museum and the marina Bay Sands Skypark. Standing on the observation deck, one can enjoy the view of double Helix Bridge, the gardens by the bay, the port, and infinite skyline. The luxurious and grace of the Marina Bay resets the beauty standards. That’s what specifically made Singapore standout among the other all tourist destinations. – Singapore Trip Package (Also click here to read about Dubai)

2.    Singapore Flyer – in Singapore Trip Package

Singapore Trip Package

If the view from the observation deck at the marine Bay sands isn’t up to the expectation. Try this giant Singapore flyer, the world’s largest observation wheel. This is not only reserved to Singapore skyline. But it also lets you transcend the boundaries of Indonesia and gives the peak of Malaysia’s straits of Johor. It works from early morning till night. One can choose the times accordingly, be it morning charms or the night glows, either way, it will be fruitful. – Singapore Trip Package (Also click here to read about Dubai)


3.   Gardens by the Bay – in Singapore Trip Package

Singapore Trip Package

The Gardens by the bay are the one of the major attractions in Singapore. The top view of these gardens from the marine Bay Sands is amazing. you would know what I’m talking about the captivating view, far from the city rush. The Supertree Grove, the most innovative and futurist thought is an iconic cluster. Designed to function, environmentally sustainable function, bewitching and futuristic at the same time. – Singapore Trip Package

4.   Botanic Gardens – in Singapore Trip Package

Singapore Trip Package

If you want to relax and enjoy picnic with your family then choose it as an option in your Singapore Trip Package. This botanic garden is the worth visiting, this place has acquired its first ever UNESCO World Heritage nomination. The place is a somewhat concrete jungle with creepers and authentic perseveration of Singapore wild heritage. This place amidst beautiful scenery is must visit for every nature lover. it is Another most important place for such refined greenery and wildlife. One should definitely consider visiting the National Orchid Garden, for its eco-lager, eco-garden sculpture, bonsai trees and other impeccable sights. – Singapore Trip Package (Also click here to read about Dubai)

5.  Chinatown – in Singapore Trip Package

Singapore Trip Package

Singapore chinatown is very authentic place. It must be included in list of your Singapore Trip Package. It will surely give you nostalgia if you have ever been to chinatown. The food and the little red lanterns give it an even more convincing aspect of this place. This place is always full of hustle-bluster and excitement. There is a Hindu temple, Sri Mariamman and also Chinese Heritage center. This place also has a Buddha tooth Relic temple, numbers of worshippers gathered for the early morning prayers. If you are a religious person to pay your visit, if not. Even then don’t miss out the chance to embrace its beauty. – Singapore Trip Package (Also click here to read about Dubai)

6. Little India and Arab Street – in Singapore Trip Package

Singapore Trip Package

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Singapore Trip Package

The best thing about Singapore is its variation in diversities and the relations with neighboring countries. In your Singapore Trip Package you must not miss it. This country is rich in its traditions, in food, local quarters, and savvy shoppers. This little India and Arab Quarters are rich in their own traditional aspects. The Little India, formed from the Indian communities. One of the most exciting aspects of Singapore is the diversity of its neighborhoods. In Arab quarters, there is this Sultan Mosque that is famous for its craftsmanship. – Singapore Trip Package

It was built in 1825. Albeit, this place won’t permit the entry for non-Islamic, But you can always admire the exterior of this dome. As for the little India, Singapore has had the great impacts of Indian tradition, the name itself derives from the Sanskrit language, Singapore means lion city. All the Indian festivals are celebrated in these quarters, this place is colorful and even has the Temple of Sri Veeramakaliamman. Shop from these local sari suite vendors. Sari suites are made from beautiful fabric, in this place you will be surrounded by music, culture, and traditional delicacies. – Singapore Trip Package (Also click here to read about Dubai)

7. Raffles Hotel – in Singapore Trip Package

Singapore Trip Package

One of the last grand hotels of the 19th century, this colonial structured building was once visited by literature, legends such as Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling, and most memorable Charlie Chaplin. Constructed in 1887 and since then it has become the landmark of Singapore. The food there is very delicious and wonderful services for which it is reputed for. Their tropical gardens and classical architecture that beautifies the scenery. This hotel is situated in the Singapore’s colonial district. This hotel was once the residence of migrants from India and China, thus it represented the multicultural house. This is another place which no should miss. – Singapore Trip Package  (Also read about freaky holiday in maldives)

8. Changi Chapel and Museum – in Singapore Trip Package

Singapore Trip Package

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Singapore has faced the terror of WWII, and change chapel museum will give the insights of what had happened during those days. This museum showcases the letters, photographs, drawings and the testaments of all the soldiers and civilians who were died in Changi Chapel prison. The heart aching paintings of the war zone, which were originally painted by Bombardier Stanley Warren can, also, being placed in this museum. This museum for sure leaves you speechless, as there is so much pain in the history of Singapore. – Singapore Trip Package  (Also read about freaky holiday in maldives)

9. Singapore Zoo – in Singapore Trip Package

Singapore Trip Package

When was the last time have you been to the zoo? I bet its long time ago. It will be best landmark in your list of Singapore Trip Package. This billing zoo is the world’s best rainforest zoo. You would amaze by the hygiene and cleanliness. The green atmosphere is pretty impressive and inviting, all the animals are well trained, plenty of habitat space with the lush of green vegetation.

Here you can spot the large families of chimpanzees, meerkats, kangaroos, white tigers, and even Komodo dragons and much more. This place also provides night safaris for wildlife lovers, and not to forget they also maintain river safaris where you find giant pandas and the last but not the least the Jurong Bird Park. This place will leave you with the greatest impact of wildlife and makes you fall in love with the animals. Singapore Trip Package  (Also read about freaky holiday in maldives)


10. Fort Canning Park – in Singapore Trip Package

Singapore Trip Package

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The Fort Canning park is one of the oldest forts in Singapore, this fort still holds antiquity from the war. This place exhibits the history of freedom, constructed in 1859 is the prominent sight of Singapore defense. Nowadays this fort organizes the concert, theaters, live performances, festivals, picnics etc. the fort is said to be the home of Sir Stamford Raffle’s back in the 14th century. This place depicts the war histories and a replica of the spice market established by Stamford. – Singapore Trip Package

Singapore isn’t just the place to develop one’s business but also to explore its various other parts. Apart from captivating beauty this place, for sure, holds some futuristic ideas and innovative approaches that someday it will get noticed as one of the most leading countries – Singapore Trip Package

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