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Stunning Things To Do In Colombo

Things To Do In Colombo
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Hey guys – before knowing things to do in Colombo city and related. We must know the city in different way. This city projects many untold secrets in very special way every next time somebody visits. Just an eye is required to experience.  So in the end of this post all the Things to do in Colombo or getaways are present below.

Colombo and West Coast. – Sri Lanka

Things To Do In Colombo
Things To Do In Colombo

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Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is an island nation in South India amidst of Indian Ocean. The nations hold many Buddhist ruins, beautiful landscapes, vast sandy beaches. There are so many sights and so many things to do in this island nation. The most important city of Sri Lanka is Colombo and the South West coast. From the international business to academics to adventures water sports, Sri Lanka is the place for almost everything. Being an island nation, it is globalized as well as consists of many ancient Temples and landmarks. The influence of Buddhist monarchy and its relics are well persevered.- Things to do in Colombo        Have your explored Mesmerizing Maldives?

The west coast – things to do in Colombo

Things To Do In Colombo
Things To Do In Colombo

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The West coast of Sri Lanka has been a doorway to the international airport just outside the Colombo. This place is the most popular and well-developed city, densely crowded, busy and westernized in the entire Sri Lanka. The most luxurious resorts and best accommodation are available in this lace. Delimited by two-third of the way down the west coast, Colombo is the city that still in the process of becoming the priority of the tourist destinations. The baches, resorts and beautiful sunsets everything about this place is appealing and makes a perfect family destination, without burning the hole in your pocket, you will get everything you’d ever wish for. The city offers the quintessential forms of the fashionable society of Sri Lanka. for fantastic stay, choose  Taj Samudra Hotel  facing Indian oceanThings to do in Colombo

For the FUN Factor – Things to do in Colombo

Things To Do In Colombo
Things To Do In Colombo

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For the more extravagant fun and taste of quality marine life you should definitely check in the Kalpitiya Peninsula. Which are few miles away from the Negombo resort of North Colombo. There you will get the absolute lavishness, the beaches, talking Dolphins, diving, and everything you name it. You’ll find it here. Although, after a civil war, this place has become much underrated because of all the annihilation, however, now it is recuperating from the great damage.  So Albeit the whole package of this tour is promising, and you’ll never get enough of this place. Do check in for the endless fun, and take a break from mundane and chaotic lifestyle. The west coast is highly functional and well reputed for tourism. While in colombo prefer your stay in Taj Samudra Hotel. As one of the finest hotel of the city facing indian ocean. – Things to do in Colombo.

Places to visit – things to do in Colombo

Things To Do In Colombo
Things To Do In Colombo

The main beach resort lies in the south of the capital island. The foremost places to visit in Sri Lanka are- Kalutara, Beruwala, and Bentota, are best hotels for vacations in the west coast region. Kalutara is the major and first resort toy will encounter. This place is magnificent with the touch of Buddhism and modern architecture this place, by all means, is the must visit. Bentota is the place that would steal your heart. From jet-skiing to diving to kite-boarding. Every single water sport is available in this region, including world-class hotels, restaurants, bars, pub etc. – Things To Do In Colombo                     Have your explored Mesmerizing Maldives?

Bentota is the most tourist attractions, surrounded by hundreds of beaches and guesthouses according to the budget. This place holds the main part of the tourism along. It is twin resort, offers golden sand and an amazing sunset view. A boat ride to the Ganga’s snarled waterways, to make it even more exciting. So that One you could enjoy the cold breeze from the ocean, especially during the evenings. As Once you are here you must plan in advance for things to do in Colombo. As there are lots of things to do in Colombo. You cannot cover everything in less time. The calm and playful environment will make you never wanted to leave this place. So If you want to extend your happiness then stay in Taj Samudra Hotel  facing Indian ocean – Things to do in Colombo

Attractions and Sight-seeings – In Things To Do In Colombo

Things To Do In Colombo
Things To Do In Colombo

There’s a lot more behind the commercialized mask if you are one pf those who love to travel. And wanted to explore more contemporary as well as traditional forms of monuments and delicacies.  Then Colombo is the place for such juxtaposition. Where you will get some of the quirky as well as the standard disposition. The unrealistic nature of Asian Anarchy, modern elegance along with colonial fascination. Perhaps the only place where the colonial churches and Buddhist shrines stand tall next to the vibrant colored Hindu temple. All these substantial points towards the diversions in religion have always been the part in the development of such cosmopolitan city. Make your trip more amazing to stay in Taj samundra hotel colomboThings to do in Colombo

Little about the history

Things To Do In Colombo
Things To Do In Colombo

The city offers great sightseeing in conjunction with best local markets, cafes and crowded bazaar of Pettah. The ingenious mixture of various cultures and urbanized view. This city is the most futuristic and progressive. However, there was not always a pretty picture of this city. As we have today. The traumatize past which consists of mass destruction, suicidal bombs, vandalism by LTTE. This place has outshined itself, Pettah, Kolluoitiya, and Bambalapitiya is some of the southern regions that invigorated and rebuilt with time. Despite the harrowing recent past. Colombo still remains the hub for big marketing and international business. – Things To Do In Colombo

One of the best retreats for Hindu, Muslims, Sinhalese and burghers. So much for their unique ideas and progressive thoughts that lead this city to make it among top ten in the world. Since Which is very rare to witness anywhere else in the world. As all the religions here live together, grow together. Despite having such traumatic past, they have moved on.  So Now that’s pretty impressive. For staying in city here prefer Taj samundra hotel colombo Things to do in Colombo                        Have your explored Mesmerizing Maldives?

Why to visit Colombo?

Things To Do In Colombo
Things To Do In Colombo

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Colombo is the well developed metropolitan city well equipped and well developed. The city hosts thousands of tourists and travelers every year. As a capital of Sir Lanka, people are tending to give this place maximum attention, surrounded by the Indian Ocean and beautiful beaches that would make this place truly heaven. All the resorts here will give enchanting tranquility and the idea of surrealism.Colombo is situated on the West coast of an island, and the hub of commercialization. – Things To Do In Colombo

All the luxurious beaches, resorts and important landmarks and temples are in its region. One of the most tourists attracted place in the country as it provides sand, sun, and surf on a pocket friendly amount. The west coast is lined by excellent beaches with excellent tourist facilities. This place is highly developed and westernized and very well tourist-oriented. Colombo is the most urbanized city with the vibrant colors, busy streets, and welcoming nature. For unforgettable experience Stay in Taj samundra hotel colombo

Things to do in Colombo

Let us tell you the getaways of Colombo city which  are

Major tourist attractions or things to do in Colombo:-

Galle Face Green

National Museum of Colombo

Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

Viharamahadevi Park

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara

National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka

Beira Lake

Colombo Dutch Museum

Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque

Seema Malaka

Wolvendaal Church

Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre

Bally’s Casino

Pettah Floating Market

Bellagio Colombo

Casino Marina Colombo

Shri Ponnambalawaneswaram Kovil

Sri Kaileswaram

Galle Face Beach

Star Dust

Colombo Lighthouse

Viharamaha devi Park Buddha Statue

Statue Of Vivekananda


These are the Things to do in Colombo which are majorly visited by tourists as their getaways. I am sure you would choose best getaways of your own taste here to experience. Your travel planner of Things to do in Colombo here completes.

Thanks for reading – Stunning Things to do in Colombo – For more latest updates and posts click here

Also know which is the ultimate hotel to stay in Colombo. And which can give extra boost to your travel planning or Things to do in Colombo


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