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Astonishing as well as scary The tiger’s nest Bhutan

tiger's nest Bhutan
tiger's nest Bhutan

Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest)

tiger's nest Bhutan
tiger’s nest Bhutan

Lets discuss the The tiger’s nest Bhutan. Every time we hear of Bhutan, a very vivid image of mountains, deep valleys and colorful flags in pilgrimage comes in our mind this small yet a very attractive and flamboyant, this place is kind of dynamite in small packets. Taktsang Monastery – tiger’s nest Bhutan is exactly the first image that pops up in our mind, why would not it be, it is a private symbol of Bhutan. The most sacred and peaceful place, that too not just in Bhutan but also in the world. According to the legends, Guru Rinpoche had established Bhutanese Buddhism, lived here for the longest time, and meditated here. tiger’s nest Bhutan

The Paro Taktsang Monastery – tiger’s nest Bhutan aka Taktsang Palphug Monastery is the prominent place in the Himalayas.  Suspended on the precipice in the Paro Valley in Bhutan, this breathtaking monetary named ‘tiger’s Nest Monastery’. Guru Padmasambhava worshiped, as the deity in this place. Another interesting fact about tiger’s nest Bhutan is that Rinpoche said to have mediated back in the 8th century for 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days and 3 hours without any interruption. – tiger’s nest Bhutan

The tiger’s nest Bhutan

tiger's nest Bhutan
tiger’s nest Bhutan

The word ‘Taktsang’ derived from the word Tibetan language as ‘stag Tsang’, which relatively means ‘tiger’s nest’ as the Guru Rimpoche reached here from Tibet on the back of the tigress. Therefore, tiger’s nest Bhutan gets its name. The monastery is 10 km far from Paro, at the periphery of a face at a height of 3120 meters. Right, 900 meters from Paro valley, near the Paro Chhu River. – tiger’s nest Bhutan

The pebbly slopes on all sides of this monastery are very abrupt and dreadful looking. However, there are many entrances to his tiger’s nest Bhutan monastery, one of which is from the forest path in the northwest. The most common one is to the south, or the north, which leads through a stony upland called ‘Hundred Thousand Fairies’. Another path for mules and horses that travel through the most convenient path of pinewoods covered with prayer flags. – tiger’s nest Bhutan

Interesting insights – tiger’s nest Bhutan

tiger's nest Bhutan
tiger’s nest Bhutan

There is a small hermitage called Lakhang and the Urgyan Tsemo Temple located in the stony elevated ground called ‘Copper-Colored Mountain Paradise of Padmasambhava’. This annexation also represents a restful place for trekkers, where they can rest and enjoy their coffee or snacks while admiring the view of these mountains. Ahead of this place, the view becomes even more gorgeous with white waterfalls and shatters the monotony of the mountainous cape. – tiger’s nest Bhutan

tiger's nest Bhutan
Scenic View – Bhutan

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One can totally get mesmerized at the sight of this waterfall that comes into a holy pool from the sheer height of 60 meters. You will notice many small temples on the trekking path alongside there are small local shops selling paraphernalia like bells, skulls, prayer wheels, incense, and colorful flags, which often attract trekkers. – tiger’s nest Bhutan

Legend said that after the long meditation period Guru Rinpoche was able to manifest himself into 8 different appearances and therefore tiger’s nest Bhutan became sacred, and one of the best tourist attractions in Bhutan. Treks are fond of this place for various adventures. – tiger’s nest Bhutan

Things you will encounter. – tiger’s nest Bhutan

tiger's nest Bhutan
Mount Everest View

The Paro Taktsang Monastery encompasses of four main structures dish up as temples and suburban for monks. Only four caves out of nine sacred caves are easily be accessed. Pel Phuk is the cave where Guru Rinpoche first entered and performed meditation.

A constricted channel from the Phuk cave that leads to the main cave that houses many statues and images of Bodhisattva is with lantern iridescent on the floor in tiger’s nest Bhutan. An adjacent cell holds the Holy Scripture, that was allegedly written with gold dust, and powdered bone of a Lama.  Even today, monks of the Vajrayana Buddhist sect visit here to meditate for a 3 year. Every construction of this sacred shrine that connected with rock staircases and there a number of shaky wooden bridges, that connects these buildings.- tiger’s nest Bhutan

Some other facts to know

tiger's nest Bhutan
Everest North Face

The uppermost temple in the Paro Taktsang Monastery – tiger’s nest Bhutan houses a fresco of Lord Buddha. From the terrace of each building, one can get a mind-blowing view. Paro Valley is famous for such stunning beauties around. Another outstanding construction within the monastery center includes the Takshang Zangdo.  Here Yeshe Tshogyal, the wife of Guru Rinpoche lived during the olden days.

The Urgyan Peak or Urgyan Tsemo is another crucial structure.  Above which the Pha Phung Lakhang, or the Holy Cave Temple is situated in this monastery. This monastery exhibits many colorful Buddhist paintings.  Representing many Buddhist legends and forms of Buddha and Guru Rinpoche. The famous Zangdopari Mountain presented on every wall. And demonstrated in the shape of a heart in each Tangka Demi Gods with the body of a serpent.  And the head of a human shown in some paintings. – tiger’s nest Bhutan


The tourist and the travelers suggested contacting a guide who could arrange entry pass for visiting this monastery. The monastery opens every day. From 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM from October to March. Monastery will not allow visitors to click the photograph in the premises.  In winters, especially when the mountains soiled with the ice sheet and the cold breeze at the top of the cliff. Will surely send you to shiver down the spine. – tiger’s nest Bhutan

To find yourself in The tiger’s nest Bhutan

tiger's nest Bhutan
Gorgeous Bhutan

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So the next time you feel lost or wanted to rediscover your inner self. Then maybe you should consider traveling to Bhutan. Tiger’s nest Bhutan will not only help you uplift your soul. But would make you pretty insightful. Moreover, it will help you lead you to live a better life. The tiger’s nest Bhutan monastery welcomes everyone. Sure, the journey is somewhat difficult, but it is all worth it. One can achieve that harmony and tranquility that one has been looking for everywhere. –  Also read about Astonishing Malaysia 


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